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Rosemary & Thyme

Address: 2798 Victoria Park Avenue

Phone Number: (416) 499-0880


City: North York

Category: Breakfast

Rosemary & Thyme is a cozy, family-friendly restaurant serving up a variety of breakfast and lunch favourites in North York. The interior is warm & classic in decor, serving as the perfect backdrop for enjoying a meal with family, friends, or in the company of a delicious dish (when this is possible anyways – Rosemary & Thyme is currently available for takeout).

We had the opportunity to try some popular dishes from Rosemary & Thyme’s menu, both from the breakfast and lunch side of things.

We are going to start things off with a bang – the dish that blew us out of the water. Three words for you: Cinnamon. Roll. Pancakes. It sounds like a dream, and it tasted like one too. Three perfectly fluffy, cinnamon-y pancakes come stacked and topped with a cream cheese frosting topping and whipped cream. If you’re a dessert for breakfast type of person, or if you simply want to experience a warm hug in food form, you absolutely must try these pancakes. Despite what you might think, this dish was not overly sweet, which makes this an excellent meal to wake up to (but to be honest, we would happily enjoy this any time of day). Mark our words, we WILL be back for more of these pancakes.

Next in the all-star breakfast/lunch lineup was a classic reuben sandwich, with melty mozzarella cheese over wonderfully crisp pieces of meat and served with thick-cut fries. Oh, and some of the best coleslaw we’ve had in a long time. This is an excellent lunch option!

Of course, we couldn’t visit a breakfast joint without trying a traditional classic breakfast. The Grand Slam Breakfast comes with three eggs the way you like ’em (over easy for us, thanks), two slices of peameal bacon, two sausages, a slice of ham, two slices of toast, and home fries. This protein-packed meal is super satisfying and embodies a high-quality, classic breakfast.

Last but not least, we had the R & T Benny, which was the Eggs Benny we all know and love, with peameal bacon. The English muffin was fluffy with crisp edges, a very balanced hollandaise sauce, and an impeccably poached egg – served with breakfast potatoes, of course! The potatoes are quite good as well – crispy pieces mixed with softer pieces, not greasy (that’s key!), and packed with flavour. It doesn’t get any better!

It should also be noted that this food was enjoyed as takeout, and everything travelled extremely well. So place your takeout order with Rosemary & Thyme today!


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