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Bergham Centrale

Address: 5955 Latimer Dr Unit 11B

Phone Number:  (289) 997-0111

City: Mississauga

Category: Sandwiches

Bergham Centrale is the latest Montreal-based chain to find its way into Ontario. Anyone who has been to Montreal knows that the city is serious about good food – and this fast-casual chain is no exception. Bergham Centrale was developed out of a desire to rectify the lack of sandwich variety within the city. The chain now aims to provide endless customizable options to the consumer with locally sourced meats, an expansive sauce selection, and breads imported from France.

When we visited the brand new Mississauga location, we were treated to a variety of menu items, including a few of their sandwiches, poutine, and fries with each of their sauces.

First up was the Philly Steak sandwich. This handheld bit of comfort was stacked high with creamy filet mignon shavings, mushrooms, and sliced brie cheese. The brioche was buttery, light, and a decadent casing for the flavour-packed filling.

Next, we tried the Le Chef Berghie, which was packed with creamy chicken, mushrooms, and some other classic sandwich toppings. Berghies are served on the Kebab bun, which is fluffier and more subtle than the brioche bun mentioned above, but still incredibly fresh.

We have a difficult time choosing between the two sandwiches in terms of picking a favourite – this might just be one of those “why not get both?” moments.

In addition to sandwiches, Bergham Centrale also offers poutines filled to the brim with globally inspired toppings. We had a combination of the Le Rouge (tandoori spiced chicken) and Chicken Curry poutine. What a delightfully comforting meal this was. Full of warm spices and fragrances, the meat on top of an incredibly satisfying poutine is the food equivalent of the biggest, fluffiest blanket on a cold winter day. This poutine had the perfect blend of all ingredients and was a real treat.

The fries themselves were not bad as well (although, we took such a long time getting the perfect photos that they got a little cold in the process – #foodieprobs). We were able to use these fries as a vehicle to sample each of Bergham’s delectable sauces, and wow! The variety was excellent, and each was full of its own unique flavour. There is truly something for everyone here. We recommend the universally delicious Aegean sauce – it is great on everything!

You can also buy some of these sauces by the bottle if you become obsessed (we wouldn’t be surprised).

Keep an eye out for other Ontario locations of Bergham Centrale opening in the near future!


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