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Burger Factory

Multiple Locations (Ajax, Cambridge, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Oshawa, Scarborough, Toronto, Windsor)


Category: Burgers


This Halal burger franchise is doing things so, so right. With many locations and a variety of epic menu items, we are willing to bet that you’ll leave any Burger Factory location full and satisfied.

Best known for their burgers, Burger Factory grinds their locally-sourced halal beef in-house daily. Meat is stored in the fridge and pressed fresh onto the grill before being hit with a blend of the franchise’s signature spice blend. We were quite impressed by the freshness of the meat (even the steak!) and the care that staff took to make each sandwich.


Burger varieties range from a simple (yet incredibly delicious) hamburger/cheeseburger to the cheesy Juicy Lucy (cheddar-stuffed burgers with the addition of optional jalapenos or another slice of cheese to top your burger off. There are also larger burgers for hungry diners, like The Machine – a 10oz double cheeseburger, pictured below – or The Compressor, which is a gargantuan 15oz triple cheeseburger.

We found the burger extremely flavorful (perhaps slightly salty, but still very good), very fresh, and very filling. The quality of the ingredients is extremely evident in the final product.


When we visited, we also ordered The Utility, which is essentially a jazzed-up Philly Cheesesteak. A soft bun is loaded up with thinly sliced steak (seasoned with that same signature spice blend), grilled onions, peppercorn mayo, and LOTS of mozzarella cheese. We also added some mushrooms to our sandwich for a little extra flavor and veg. The only thing we missed on this sandwich was bell peppers, which is not a topping offered at Burger Factory, but it was still delicious without. If you’re so inclined, you could order the burger with hot peppers for some added spice. Like the burger, this was very filling


There are also two chicken sandwiches (grilled or crispy), a veggie burger, and chicken tenders.

All sandwiches come with your choice of toppings. You can also get fun toppers like fried mac & cheese and jalapeno poppers for an additional price (we did and we HIGHLY recommend it). You can also opt to get your sandwich on a gluten free bun if that appeals to you! There is truly something for everyone at Burger Factory.

Speaking of something for everyone, the franchise also has a variety of sides and some excellent desserts. You can get fried mac and cheese on the side or a more traditional side of fries or onion rings. They also offer tornado fries (a spiralized potato put on a skewer and fried to crisp, golden perfection). We went for classic poutine, which had wonderful glossy gravy and shredded mozzarella. While we did miss the usual classic curds, this poutine was loaded with cheese to make up for it. The fries were also well cooked – crispy outside, fluffy inside, and not too oily.


Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in a funnel cake or milkshake in various flavours. These some in decent sizes and good varieties.



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