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Nafisa Middle Eastern Cuisine

Address: 117 Queen St S Unit 4

Phone Number: (905) 997-6666


City: Mississauga

Category: Middle Eastern

MVIMG_20200117_195649 (1)

Looking for delicious Middle Eastern, halal cuisine in Mississauga? Look no further! The only thing more exquisite than Nafisa Middle Eastern Cuisine’s luxurious décor is their incredibly authentic, mouth-watering food.

The menu at Nafisa is quite expansive, and truly has something for every taste – whether you’re new to Middle Eastern cuisine or looking for an experience that reminds you of home, whether you’re a vegetarian or a carnivore, we can bet there is something for you at Nafisa! If you’re an indecisive diner, there are also “must-try” and “chef’s choice” labels on the menu to help you pick something great.


For starters, Nafisa offers a wide variety of goods – salads, soups, and both hot and cold appetizers. Their must-try starter dish is a salad of the Fattoush variety, which comes with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, mint, apple cider vinegar, and crispy pita chips.

We had yogurt (with mint and cucumber – yum!) and saj (a Middle Eastern flatbread) alongside our meals, which can also be ordered to start. We highly recommend it. The saj is slightly buttery, served fresh and warm. The yogurt is creamy, full of flavor, and can be quie versatile in adding bright, fresh notes to other dishes on the menu. We highly recommend this combo to warm up your tummies and to continue enjoying alongside the main event.


As for mains, the variety continues. The menu is divided into 2 sections for this portion of the meal: Saj & Manakesh and Main Dishes. Having already sampled their basic saj, we decided to order from the latter section.

First up, a dish great for kids or picky eaters: the Chicken Escalope. This dish features a generous portion of 2 breaded chicken filets, French fries, cabbage salad, and garlic sauce. The chicken is very tender and flavorful, having the delicate taste of traditional Middle Eastern spices incorporated well into a comforting and delicious final product. Fries are cooked perfectly and pair nicely with a bit of the garlic dip.


If you’re looking for a more culturally immersive food experience, look no further than Nafisa’s appropriately named and most popular dish: The Nafisa special. This delight comes with wonderfully tender lamb served over spiced yellow rice topped off with nuts and some chilis. This dish even comes with a side of yogurt! We found this meal incredibly comforting and satisfying. The warm spices and variety of texture made this dish a true standout for us – we highly recommend ordering this when you visit!

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For dessert, there are many options as well. Walking into the restaurant, diners are immediately greeted by freshly made Middle Eastern pastries (various kinds of cookies and bakhlava), which makes it hard not to start thinking about dessert before dinner.


We had delicious Red Tea, which had warming flavors and was quite indulgently sweet in taste. We highly recommend this as an after-dinner treat that goes down smooth. Alongside our tea, we enjoyed some decadent harisa nabkiya – a chewy semolina cake generously covered with pistachios.


The highlight of our visit, however, was the cheese knafeh, which staff claim to be the most authentic version outside of Turkey. We haven’t had the pleasure of visiting that side of the world (not yet anyway!), but we take their word for it. Even aside from that, this is an absolutely phenomenal dessert starring a rich and creamy melted cheese topped with a nest of sweet, flaky, crispy pastry, garnished with pistachios and served with simple syrup. If you consider yourself a cheese lover or even just a dessert lover, this is a must try.


Nafisa Middle Eastern Cuisine also serves up breakfast with a Middle Eastern flair earlier in the day.

Whether you visit for breakfast, dinner, or dessert, staff will make you feel incredibly welcome and the food will keep you coming back again and again!






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