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Hey Noodles

Address: 5460 Highway 7 E

Phone Number: 1-888-8775-888


City: Markham

Category: Chinese


Hey Noodles’ Markham location is the most recent installment of the China-born franchise, with its first Canadian restaurant opening in the downtown core. There are also locations in Scarborough (open since 2016), North York (open since 2017), and Richmond Hill (2018). Hey Noodles boasts tradition embellished with a modern twist, bringing classic Chinese comfort food to Canada.


During our visit, we sampled items that had yet to be officially placed on the current menu, so many do not have names yet. But what we do have are pictures and mouth-watering descriptions!

The dishes we had were great for sharing – we started with pickled turnips, which were a lovely combination of sweet and savory and had a deliciously satisfying crunch to them. The portion size on these was pretty good and would definitely be a great way to start your meal at Hey Noodles. Pictured behind the turnips was the table favourite – a cool cucumber salad with a spicy chili sauce topped with warm chicken – absolutely magnificent! If you order any of the starters we talked about here, it should certainly be this one.


We also had a salad garnished with nuts and a wonderful dressing (we only wish there had been more of it! The acidity was quite balanced with the other flavors present) and a chicken dish, served cold with the skin on overtop crispy noodles. This was good too, but could have used a sauce or crispy skin on the chicken.


We paused through this part of our meal to enjoy a Hey Noodles favourite – Noodles! We created our own bowl with the two most popular additions – pork belly and brisket. We selected regular noodles and opted for no spice or numbness in the broth (Be warned: the spice here is EXTREMELY spicy and our table-mates who ordered even a little spice found the kick quite powerful; numbness is also an acquired taste so we are told, so perhaps forgo this flavor if it’s your first time or you’re unfamiliar with numbness in your food – this is a more traditional Chinese flavoring). The entire dish was everything you want in a good noodle bowl – satisfying, comforting, and high quality. The meats were perfectly cooked and seasoned and added lovely flavor and texture to the bowl.


Of course, we at North of the 6ix have a little (read: a VERY LARGE) sweet tooth – so we could never leave without a little dessert! We tried their newest dessert, a mango custard housed inside of a coconut gelatin and garnished to the nines. This was a nice, cooling treat after a warm and comforting meal. We also tried some new drinks: the watermelon juice and strawberry slush, both wonderfully refreshing – the perfect addition to lovely summer weather!


Note that most locations are open late (until midnight at least), so you can get your Noodle fix after most spots have closed!


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