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Pho Viet Xpress

Address: 7077 Bathurst St unit 3

Phone Number: (905) 889-8837

City: Thornhill

Category: Vietnamese


We’ll just come right out and say it – Pho Viet Xpress is by far the best pho we have ever had. It is not often we will visit the same restaurant twice. This place is so good that we have honestly lost count of how many times we’ve returned. This place is always packed no matter what time of day you go, which speaks to its popularity. If you plan on visiting in the evening/around dinner time, make sure you go slightly ahead of time, as lineups do get quite long. The inside space is clean and quite large, although it does seem quite cozy when it’s at capacity. Pho Viet Xpress specializes in Vietnamese dishes, but also has lots of Thai options.


Honestly, every time we go here, we have the intention of trying new things. Truly. We are foodies after all, and it’s kind of our job. But when it’s right it’s right. And it is VERY right. The “it” we are referring to is their Pho. We always order this piping hot with well done beef slices. The beef is always tender and generously portioned. Come to think of it, everything at Pho Viet Xpress is portioned well. Giant bowls of soup can be enjoyed for under $15, and an average sized portion can cost you as little as $7. With prices like those, you would expect to walk away feeling hungry, but nope! The pho we order always comes with lots of perfectly cooked rice noodles and amazingly seasoned MSG-free broth. The broth is warm and comforting and can be customized with bean sprouts, lemon grass, mint, and more. The green onions already in the soup add a wonderful flavor that will have you licking the bowl when you near the end. Seriously, please get the Pho. You may never go to another Vietnamese place again.


Having written our love letter to Pho, there are also other yummy options. For a starter, we recommend the spring rolls which are fresh and flavorful – perfect for a hot summer night! Another soup we like is the wonton and pork soup, which has the same flavourful broth we love in the pho, but with shrimp and chicken wontons and sliced pork instead.

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It seems that no matter what you order here, you’re in good hands. There is also an extensive drink list that includes bubble tea and Thai noodles and rice. Even a special vegetarian section! It is also worth mentioning that service here is fast and friendly, just the way we like it!


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