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Address: 6039 Erin Mills Pkwy, Unit 1B

Phone Number: (905) 821-8887


City: Mississauga

Category: Sandwiches

Holywiches is a casual Mississauga restaurant that has one priority – really, REALLY good sandwiches. Husband & wife Atif and Ayisha achieve this goal exactly with their high quality, flavourful creations. Crafted with care even before you order it – almost everything is made in-house with wholesome ingredients as the focus. Holywiches offers expertly crafted sandwiches, wraps, and bowls that are full of healthy and wholesome ingredients, but also taste sinfully good!

We ordered two sandwiches off of the menu, the Holy Cow sandwich and the Virtuous Veggie sandwich, both on sourdough. You can also opt to get either of these sandwiches as a wrap on flatbread, which is made in-house! We absolutely loved the bread. It held up nicely with both sandwiches, and provided a nice sturdy canvas for the protiens, toppings, and sauces.

The Holy Cow sandwich features Atif’s own recipe for tender, perfectly seasoned beef. The beef is chopped on a grill and mixed with caramelized onions, peppers, and mushrooms (featured “hot toppings”) before being piled high on the bread, and topped with just the right amount of greens, cold toppings, and mouthwatering sauces. All of the toppings are fresh and vibrant, which speaks to the immense pride that Holywiches puts into each menu item. Each bite is packed with flavour – and not just the first bite, or certain bites. Atif and Ayisha wanted to make a sandwich where every bite is just as satisfying as the last, and this is something we can confirm they have accomplished.

The Virtuous Veggie sandwich was the most pleasant surprise – as lovers of beef and other meat products, we rarely if ever opt for anything that claims to be “veggie” (to each their own, of course – it’s just not usually our thing). But this creation, brought to fruition by Ayisha, was something special – it doesn’t pretend to be a burger or some other product meant to stand in for something that usually contains meat. It has delicious veggies bound together with a chickpea flour base that is satisfying, substantial, and packed with flavour. Not to mention, it is baked rather than fried, so the delicious taste is attributed to wholesome, quality ingredients and thoughtful flavours, not just vats of oil. In fact, Atif was especially adamant about not having any deep fryers in the establishment. You can truly feel good about what you’re eating thanks to the efforts of this meticulous and passionate husband and wife duo.

On the side, we tried Holywiches’ Smashed potatoes, which are also smashed to-order on a grill, and not fried. The potatoes are tender and melt in your mouth, and are perfectly coated in what Holywiches calls it’s “Fire Crunch” topping – a delicible tapenade-style mixture starring olive oil, chili flakes, and in-house roasted garlic. It is then sauced up with their Siren dressing (a delightful blend of fresh mint and spicy green chili in a cool yogurty base) and topped with chives. This was a wonderful treat.

The Fire Crunch topping is a must in our opinion, both on the potatoes and in the sandwiches. We were ready to order a tub and eat it on its own!

It is also awesome that Holywiches has two separate grills – one for meat, and one for everything else. This means those with allergies or dietary restrictions can feel good knowing that care has been taken to keep these two food categories separate from one another.

Each of these menu items packs just the right amount of heat, but can be made more spicy, if that’s your thing! Whichever spice level you choose, we suggest washing it all down with the Vixen’s Lemon Elixir: a lemonade beverage containing himalayan pink salt; which, aside from its many health benefits, gives a complexity to this beverage that is equal parts tart, sweet, and salty.

There are a bunch of awesome spots to eat in the plaza where Holywiches is located, but Holywiches would absolutely be our recommendation for the thought put into each bite and the craftsmanship present in each menu item, not to mention the quality of each individual ingredient and final product. You won’t regret it!


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