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Mabu Generation

Address: 2361 Brimley Rd Unit D

Phone Number: (416) 412-1888


City: Scarborough (Other locations in Markham and Downtown Toronto)

Category: Taiwanese

Mabu Generation has revamped its already mouth watering menu of Taiwanese treats! We had the pleasure of dining at the Scarborough location, which is set up to mimic the streets of Taiwan. There is a beautiful mural depicting the renowned market and which vividly captures the feeling of being right in the thick of Taiwanese culture. Funky pieces adorn the walls, and the lighting provides a warm backdrop for the comforting food one can expect at Mabu Generation.

To start, we sampled a variety of beverages from the drink menu. Those looking to cozy up with a hot beverage should opt for the Fresh Fruit Tea. The House Special Mix Fruit Tea is also great as a cold beverage. If you’re in the market for something more decadent, the Strawberry Milk Snow Shake is wonderfully sweet and bright.

As for our appetizers, we enjoyed Taiwanese-style popcorn chicken (not a new item, but surely a delicious one) and a Charcoal Grill Chicken Cutlet (pictured above). The latter is from the new menu and was just the right amount of salty, crunchy, and savory with a warmly spiced sauce over top.

Mabu Generation boasts a wide variety of Taiwanese menu items, including hot pot and noodle dishes. First up was the Mabu Egged Suyaki with Rice, featuring tempura, onions, eggs, suyaki sauce, and seaweed (pictured above). Next were a couple orders of hot pot, one off the featured menu (Luosifen Hot Pot, photo below, pictured on the right). We also enjoyed some noodle dishes, our favourite of which was the Japanese Style Cream & Garlic Udon with Tempura, which we consider to be the ultimate comfort food (thick, savory noodles covered with creamy potatoes and fried shrimp tempura… need we say more?)

Even after all of this, we still made room for dessert! Items included a beautiful mango sago lava cake with pomelo, cute little oreo + ovaltine lava tarts, a fusion baked sweet potato covered in brown sugar sesame and peanuts, and (our personal favourite, pictured below) two varieties of fusion fried bread rolls (coconut peanuts with condensed milk and chocolate with oreo cookies).

No matter what you come in for, you are bound to leave with a full and happy belly!


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