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Grandone Fried Chicken

Address: 16 Mallard Rd, Unit A205

Phone Number: (647) 350-8688

City: North York

Category: Fried Chicken

Grandone fried chicken is the newest fried chicken joint to hit the GTA. Located in a food court that also houses some grab and go faves (like Woofles and Cream and Thai One On), Grandone is quickly becoming a local favourite.

Their menu consists of fried classics like tenders, wings, and fries; and also has some more unique options – namely the shrimp burger (see above). The patty is made of a thick batter that is coated in crispy breadcrumbs and encases whole shrimp pieces and the occasional gem of fresh corn. This sandwich feels like fried shrimp for folks who like shrimp, but are really here for the breading. The patty is finished with a thousand-island style sauce, lettuce, and a slice of silky processed cheese.

Folks who are more traditional seafood lovers will enjoy the fried cod and squid rings. Both are crispy and contain fresh, moist fish. The seafood is served with a tartar sauce and a portion of the universally delicious burger sauce.

Not a seafood lover? No problem. The name of the game here is, after all, fried chicken. All of the fried chicken products come battered in the same crispy coating, which doesn’t overwhelm the palette with various flavours. It is simple, which will appeal to purists. There is also a spicy option (we actually preferred this for its warm spices), which was not so much spicy as it was an additional kick and more of an exciting flavour. Of all the fried chicken products we tried (the classic chicken, tenders, and wings), the tenders were our favourite.

Chicken enthusiasts looking for a little more somethin’ somethin’ should check out the fried chicken burger. Greasy fingers are easier to avoid while still enjoying the crispy fried chicken, and the sandwich is also topped with the same burger sauce as the shrimp burger, along with a leaf of lettuce.

The food travels very well, making it an excellent takeout option. Our trip home from this spot was a good 40 minutes, and food was perfect eating temperature and mostly crispy by the time we arrived at our final destination.


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