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Hollywood Cone – Whitby

Address: 75 Consumers Dr

Phone Number: (905) 430-2663


City: Whitby

Category: Dessert


Just when you think that you know all there is about a classic dessert place, you get pleasantly surprised with some brand-new information. Hollywood Cone has long been on our radar, so of course when we were asked to come by and check out their food, we jumped at the opportunity. From what we had seen on the ‘gram, we knew there were a couple sure things – E P I C milkshakes and really yummy ice-cream centric desserts. However, our visit drew our attention to some of the other great things that Hollywood Cone has to offer – things that deserve to be sharing your insta feed alongside those glorious mutant shakes they are famous for.


Hollywood Cone is located in a plaza full of restaurants and entertainment. Outside, it is brightly coloured, and inside its vibrant red feels instantly glam. There is a Zoltar fortune telling machine tucked away in the corner, if you’re so inclined to see what the future has in store for you. For now, we will just tell you exactly what you can expect from the menu and your time at Hollywood Cone, no assistance from Zoltar needed.


First up, we just want to say – Hollywood Cone’s menu is actually quite expansive! We started off with a savory meal –yes, they do savory as well! And boy do they ever. We got the pulled pork sandwich with fries. The pork is sauced up and served on a fresh ciabatta bun, garnished with crispy onions. It was bursting with flavor and extremely comforting – perfect for the cold weather we were having that day. The original sandwich was supposed to have coleslaw on it instead of the onions, which we may have preferred for the fresh brightness it could bring to the dish. The fries on the side were fresh and perfectly seasoned. Hollywood Cone also has hot dogs, burgers, and other sandwiches for you to enjoy before your sugar rush!


Now for dessert – of course, we had to get one of their famous mutant shakes. We ordered the Salty Little Focker, which had a delicious chocolatey milkshake base blended with pretzel pieces and topped with a brownie, whipped cream, and pretzels, and drizzled with caramel sauce and Nutella. The rim was also generously lined with Nutella and pretzels. The milkshake itself was not overly sweet, which complemented the toppings quite well. If you like a sweet & salty treat, this is the one for you.


If you’re feeling adventurous or simply don’t want a huge portion of milkshake all to yourself, you can also order the chocolate milkshake shooters. Typically, they have vodka in them, but you can order them without the booze as well. This was super decadent, satisfying, and a decent size for something that is considered “mini”. This is a great treat to share with friends alongside another, non-ice cream focused dessert.


Speaking of that, we also had a S’mores waffle. It did have chocolate and vanilla ice cream, however (you can get your desserts with chocolate, vanilla, or a combination of the two ice creams). The ice cream has a wonderful flavor, and the waffles are light, fluffy, and flavorful. The toppings on the waffle were excellent as well and perfectly portioned. Hollywood Cone also has a variety of gourmet donuts and even churros if you’re not feeling like anything ice-cream related.


You can visit Hollywood Cone with friends after a movie, for a dessert-filled date night, and even book them for special events! Hollywood Cone does birthdays, baby and bridal showers, Christmas parties, and almost any other type of celebration you could think of. They love meeting their customers and take great pride in creating special custom menus that suit the customer’s needs. Can’t make it into the store? No problem! Hollywood Cone even caters events.


With that said, we really do recommend paying them a visit whether you are just dropping in or booking an event. The service is excellent with knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating staff and an overall welcoming and all-around wonderful environment!


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