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Address: 3507 Bathurst St.

Phone Number: (647) 351-3507


City: North York

Category: French Bakery



Looking for a truly authentic French bakery north of the downtown core? This is it! Goûter has a variety of sweet and savoury items that make use of local ingredients hand-picked from the market and crafted entirely in-house. Their pastry chef has also studied in France, so if you’re looking for the French-est bakery in town, you found it!

The plaza where Goûter is situated is quite small, so do be mindful that it may not be the easiest task to find parking on a day where they are busy. Inside, there is some space to sit and enjoy a meal or some treats with coffee, but it is not an overly large space. The décor is clean and bright, and a delicious display of pastries greet you as soon as you walk in.


When we visited, we got to try many of the offerings at Goûter. Our favourite, by far, were the croissants. We specifically recommend stuffed croissants, like the cheese one we had. We imagine that their sweet stuffed croissants would be just as generously filled. The outside of the croissant is slightly crisp with a soft inside and a buttery taste. The cheese croissant was loaded with creamy cheese.

We also had a spinach and feta croissant. While the pastry was delicious, the filling lacked the briny, salty taste the feta should ideally give.


Other pastries and sweets that we sampled at Goûter were a delicious pear tart, with an almond cake base and sweet, syrupy pears married together in perfect harmony. There are also fresh, delicate madeleines.  We honestly could have eaten the whole bowl ourselves (pictured below).


If you’re looking for something a little more substantial than a pastry, Goûter also has brunch and lunch options. For lunch, you can enjoy a comforting plate of French toast, made from Goûter’s own freshly made bread and sprinkled with fresh raspberries.


If you’re into a more savory brunch or lunch, there is decadent, cheesey, yet fluffy quiche that comes in a variety of flavors.

Looking for soup or a sandwich? Goûter still has you covered! Try out a super cheesey croque monsieur and one of their delicious, light soups.


You can also buy whole cakes and pastries at Goûter, along with gelato and chocolates.



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