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Graffiti Spot Bar

Address: 9218 Yonge St Unit #1

Phone Number: 905-771-9800


City: Richmond Hill

Category: Bar


Richmond Hill just got it’s coolest new hangout. Located across from Hillcrest Mall is the newly opened Graffiti Bar, Graffiti Spot Bar – affectionately named G-Spot Bar. The bar boasts access to some of the best things in life – art, food, possible new friends, and good times! Outside, visitors will be treated to graffiti art from birth renowned and up and coming artists, as well as colourful neon lights adorning the roof. For warmer months, visitors may want to sit on the spacious patio.


Step inside, and you will be treated to a completely unique space that is constantly changing. Almost everything you see was custom made for the space, including decor items and tables. The latter are individually decorated by a chosen graffiti artist – some tables may even dare you to walk across the bar and strike up a conversation with someone new (it’s written on one of the tables by the artist, along with some other conversation starters).




Before we get to the food, we must make special mention of the bathrooms, which are also incredibly unique. In the women’s washrooms each stall has a different design, all glowing in neon paint. In the men’s bathrooms, the owner’s love of astronomy is made physical in glowing star-like depictions and bright nebulous clouds. If you notice the floor details, they are actually modelled after real nebulas. How cool is that!

Now for the food and drink – there is also lots of good stuff to be had here while you enjoy the surrounding art. Sparkling wine was served in illuminated, color changing ice buckets and we were later treated to drinks featuring dry ice at the bottom (can you say insta-worthy?). Nothing boring to see here, folks.


G-Spot Bar offers tons of delicious food for only $6.99 a piece. For starters, we had Mexican poutine, nachos (pictured below), and beet salad. Right off the bat, we will just say that we are not big on vegetables. The salad was delicious and meant to be eaten like a taco (so neat), but we show up for the comfort foods. And comforted we were. The fries and nachos were probably our favorite items from the place, with a crispy, warm base and a variety of cooler toppings adding flavor and complexity to both dishes. 


Mains were delicious as well – we enjoyed a spread of Philly cheesesteak and fried chicken sandwiches, a beef and vegetarian burger, and lobster mac & cheese served in a waffle cone. Our favourite of the mains was by far the fried chicken sandwich – with crunchy, flavorful breading over juicy chicken breast dressed with a honey mustard sauce and stacked with veg. We only wish there was more chicken in the sandwich!


We also tried the deep fried cheesecake for dessert, which was a real treat. Creamy cheesecake is nestled next to a banana and wrapped in a light, crunchy pastry (think a dessert spring roll). The whole thing is deep fried, drizzled with chocolate sauce, and served with ice cream. We may or may not have eaten two whole servings to ourselves. 


G spot also does entertainment, with DJ and comedy nights and changes up their artwork every few months to keep things interesting. 



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