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Peter’s on Eglinton

Address: 1035 Eglinton Ave E

Phone Number: (905) 624-1995


City: Mississauga

Category: Eclectic


When we think of a restaurant/deli, a certain image comes to mind – a casual setting with standard looking tables and chairs, metal napkin dispensers, and cutlery rolled neatly into napkins secured with a white paper ring. Before we went to Peter’s, we pictured it as being something along those lines. Outside, there are stained glass windows and all around pretty luxe looking décor for a deli/restaurant. Walking in the main entrance, diners are greeted by a display window showcasing the desserts du jour (humble pies and cakes – traditional diner fare). However, walking through the heavy wooden doors, guests are in for a different experience entirely. This spot certainly errs on the side of restaurant rather than deli, with white tablecloths, waiters in white uniforms, and real cloth napkins. The carpet and chandeliers remind us more of a steakhouse than a comfort food joint.

The menu is expansive and has something for every taste. Portions of everything – even appetizers – are gigantic, and almost everything is big enough to share. We had the calamari and Greek salad to start. The former was crispy and tender, while the latter did not skimp on fixins and had the most delicious and creamy Greek dressing we have ever tasted. Everything was fresh and ingredients appeared to be very high quality and flavorful.


For mains, Peter’s on Eglinton is known primarily for their Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and their Greek food (we ordered souvlaki).

The smoked meat was stacked high and flavorful without being fatty, the bread was nice and soft, and the accompanying fries were plentiful and crispy (just the way we like em).


The pork souvlaki (keep in mind, this is a small order of the souvlaki) came with 3 skewers of juicy meat atop a bed of flavorful rice. This is nestled next to that same delicious Greek salad from the appetizer and a whole roasted potato. The potato was a little dry, but the sheer portion in front of us more than made up for that. And of course, the marker of any good Greek restaurant is its tzatziki. This one was smooth, creamy, and oh so garlicky – in other words, it’s North of the 6ix approved! Keep in mind though that the only souvlaki offered is pork, so if you’re not into that, perhaps consider another item (trust us, there is plenty more to choose from).


Desserts rotate every now and then, but we sampled the carrot cake, which was pretty good. Desserts are not made in house, but obtained from a local bakery.




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