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Hub Sushi

Address: 7398 Yonge St

Phone Number: (905) 597-1112


City: Thornhill

Category: Japanese


Hub Sushi is a popular spot for Japanese food in Thornhill. It is located in a relatively busy plaza (parking is often hard to come by, especially around lunchtime) and the space inside is small, so make sure you try to grab a seat ahead of time! The staff here is very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable, and the dark, rich colours of the exterior make the experience feel more luxurious than some other sushi places. On the menu are a la carte options and some great lunch specials (most under $20, and for a lot of food!).


On the appetizer menu are sushi-going classics like spring rolls, calamari, gyoza, edamame, and sushi pizza. Additionally, Hub also offers some unique, harder to find (but very delicious) options like fried oysters, okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes made of tako, vegetables, bonito, scallions, and tobiko), and steamed shrimp dumplings. You can also opt for a soup (wonton or miso would be our choices!) as well as sides of steamed, brown, or seasoned (sushi) rice to accompany your meal.

For mains, there is a good amount of variety on Hub’s menu. There are teriyaki options – tofu, salmon, chicken, or beef (offered at both lunch and dinner) or various katsus for dinner, bulgogi beef, unagi, and tempura dinner meals. All are served with miso soup, salad, and rice. The salmon teriyaki we tried (pictured below) was quite tasty and packed a lot of flavor. The salmon and veggies were cooked well. An impressive dish overall!


For sushi, sashimi, and maki rolls, there are various options as well. You can order sushi or sashimi a la carte, with prices ranging from $5-12 for 2-3 pieces.

If you’re looking for something less traditional when it comes to your sushi rolls, consider trying maki rolls that are BBQed or deep fried. Here, you will find deep fried California and spicy tuna rolls and various rolls featuring BBQed ingredients (even lobster!). Also noteworthy are maki rolls featuring meat instead of fish, for those of you who aren’t huge pescatarians.


The rolls here are very delicious (dare we say: the best we have had so far). The rice in the sushi is seasoned beautifully and has a lot of flavor. The ingredients used in the rolls are extremely fresh and delicious as well. Our favourite is the green dragon roll!


Hub also offers noodles and donburi (rice), which includes various udon dishes, ramen, and soba noodles. Donburi comes with a variety of accompaniments including beef, katsu, bulgogi, unagi kimchi, and more!




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