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The Hunt Pub

Address: 12998 Keele St

Phone Number: (905) 833-5311


City: King City

Category: Steakhouse

Hogan’s Restaurant is a renowned King City establishment – but it is more than just an exquisite fine-dining experience. Downstairs, you will find a lively yet cozy pub with a special pub menu in addition to Hogan’s upstairs menu. Rustic stone walls and fireplaces are key elements of the décor, contrasting the more classic, old-time fancy look of Hogan’s. They are open 5pm-2pm every day except Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.


The Hunt Pub, like Hogan’s, has lots of options for its guests – some have a pub feel, some have a restaurant feel, but all feel luxurious. Just like Hogan’s, pub-goers can indulge in the oyster special Monday through Friday from 11am to 5pm (you can get $1 oysters up to an order of 200 from P.E.I., New Brunswick, and British Colombia). You can also accompany starters and mains with one of 16 beers on tap!

If oysters aren’t your thing, there are a variety of other appetizers you can select (including those from Hogan’s menu upstairs). Exclusive to the pub menu are items like short rib poutine (pictured below) which is generously portioned, topped with flavorful glossy gravy, curds, and bite-sized pieces of short rib. There is also chicken wonton nachos, chicken fingers, and fried calamari & shrimp, among other options.

IMG_20180216_221419_224 (1)

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, there are also soups available (the consistent mushroom cognac cream soup as well as the soup of the day). When we visited, the soup of the day was a lovely carrot ginger soup garnished with fresh parsley. The soup was creamy, and the flavors of carrot and ginger were perfectly balanced. The parsley was also a nice, refreshing addition to this super comforting soup.


In addition to the delicious main course options upstairs at Hogan’s, there are also pub favourites like burgers, fish & chips, chicken wings, chicken parm, and various pastas like penne ala vodka and spaghetti Bolognese. From the pub menu, we ordered the chicken wings. The wings were good – crispy and not overly oily. There were a few sauce options, but it would have been nice to see a few more. We had the honey garlic and it was delicious!

From Hogan’s menu, we ordered the 7oz Chilean Sea Bass and the 8oz Beef Tenderloin. Everything was delicious, fresh, and our meat was cooked perfectly. We highly recommend ordering your proteins with a side of gnocchi, which comes in a delicious creamy sauce and is also tossed with mushrooms, butternut squash, and cherry tomatoes. The pasta itself is light and flavorful, with a slight starchy texture.


Now, specifically regarding the Sea Bass – it is served with the same creamy gnocchi and butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms as well as a sweet chutney, fresh-tasting pesto, and a giant asparagus spear. This dish comes very highly recommended by both the staff at The Hunt and the North of the 6ix team! The fish was probably the best we’ve ever had. It was fresh and cooked perfectly – soft on the inside with a crispy, golden brown exterior. It was exquisite with both the chutney and the pesto, and those two accompaniments even complimented the gnocchi. Every flavor on this dish married together in a way that is beyond words – you really just need to head over to The Hunt and/or Hogan’s right now and try it for yourself.


After the main event, you may need a little breathing room, something to wash down all of the deliciousness you just experienced – or, simply something to accompany dessert. There is tea (a quite extensive selection, might we add) as well as any coffee beverage your heart desires (espresso, cappuccino, latte – you name it, they got it). We got an espresso and a super comforting chamomile & lavender tea.


For dessert, options upstairs and downstairs are the same. When we visited The Hunt, we tried two of the cheesecakes offered at Hogan’s. One is a New York Cheesecake, with a thick graham cracker base and a very light, creamy, only slightly sweet cheesecake layer. The alternative is a mascarpone cheesecake, which is slightly more dense and sweeter than the New York variety. Both come topped with a strawberry Pocky stick and drizzled with berry sauce, served alongside some fresh berries as well.


As for which we preferred, our team was split down the middle – we can sum it up to this: both were delicious, but it really comes down to preference. Fans of a lighter dessert or those who don’t have huge sweet teeth would likely enjoy the New York Cheesecake more. Someone who would literally bathe in sweet, granulated goodness (that’s sugar) and/or would like something with a little more weight may prefer the mascarpone cheesecake. Either way, you’re in for a good time.




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