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Thai Room Dufferin

Address: 1881 Steeles Ave W #1B

Phone Number: (416) 514-0100


City: North York

Category: Thai


Thai Room is tucked away in the corner of a Dufferin & Steeles plaza. This is a spot that many probably pass on their way into the city or to work, but might not decide to visit. If that’s the case, you’re missing out! Thai room has delicious food for every Thai craving as well as cocktails, and staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about their food. Thai Room Dufferin also does takeout and participates in DoorDash and Ritual, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of home to enjoy yummy Thai dishes.


To start your meal, Thai room has many options, ranging from warm or cold spring rolls, soups, and salads. We tried the calamari with shrimp chips (pictured above) and the mango salad (pictured below). The calamari was crispy and seasoned well and the shrimp chips were crispy with a subtle shrimp flavoring. The mango salad was the highlight for us in terms of the apps, as it was fresh and garnished with cashews for complexity. This would be a great dish to pair with the warmer summer months!


For mains, Thai room has lots of noodle and rice options, as well as specific protein options like chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, or even veggie. We were able to sample lots of yummy things including the Pad Thai (always solid), various curries, glass noodle stir fry, and beef fried rice.

For fans of curry (pictured below) – if you’re looking for a spicier curry, opt for the red curry; if you aren’t big on heat, the green curry will provide a more subtle kick.


The glass noodles with chicken was delicious and packed quite a bit of heat for only having one pepper beside it on the menu. If you don’t handle spice well, we’d recommend asking for this dish with no spice.


The beef fried rice was great – it’s everything you’d expect from a fried rice dish. Warm, packed with delicious thai flavor, and just the right amount of greasy. The meat was also relatively tender and very flavorful.


If you’d like a side for your meal, you can order steamed white, brown, or coconut rice, sticky rice with peanut sauce, steamed noodles, or malay roti bread.

There are also lots of delicious alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks – our fave was a virgin number made with mango and coconut milk.


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