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Address: 5050 Dufferin St UNIT 124

Phone Number: (416) 661-5356


City: North York

Category: Breakfast/Brunch


Beside a bustling, perpetually packed plaza sits a breakfast joint with lots of natural light and high ceilings. The interior is very welcoming, just like the name, and staff is friendly. The place is closed on Mondays, but open every other day during the week until at least 3, sometimes 4.


There’s quite a bit to choose from on the menu, and no matter what you’re craving for breakfast or brunch, Good Morning Friends has you covered. There are quite a few egg options including omelets, eggs benedict, corned beef hash, and classic egg & breakfast meat combos. With our dishes, we got some scrambled eggs which were nice and fluffy. The bacon was cooked crispy but not hard, and potatoes were, well, potatoes (every potato is a good potato if you ask us). Nothing was overly greasy as it can be at some other breakfast joints, which is definitely a plus.


If you’re looking for something a bit more carb-y, there are also waffles, French toast, and pancakes. The latter comes with a few topping options: blueberry compote, apple, and banana. We got these pancakes plain so we could judge them fairly. They were not necessarily what we were expecting when we ordered pancakes – it was more of a dense, thick crepe situation. Still good, but I would be hesitant to label this as a pancake, which is usually fluffy and light.

We also ordered a waffle with fruit on the side. The fruit was fresh and the waffle was fluffy and served warm. The sprinkling of icing sugar added some nice sweetness to the dish as well.


Bigger appetites or seekers of protein may opt for the steak & eggs, grilled chicken & eggs.

If you’re looking to caffeinate during your breakfast/brunch, there are lots of options for you as well. We tried the cappuccino, which was comforting and energizing all at once!



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