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Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go

Multiple Locations: Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto


Category: Italian


The trendy, fresh, delicious Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go started in Venice in 2012 with Chef Gabriele Dal Moro. The brand aims to provide fast, casual food that is simple and healthy.

Dal Moro’s pasta creations come in convenient to-go containers, so you can take your pasta creation around the bustling mall. There are 6 different kinds of freshly-made pasta available, including rigatoni, linguine, spaghetti, gnocchi, fusilli, and fettuccini. We tried the gnocchi and rigatoni. The gnocchi were a bit denser than the stuff our own Nonna makes, but it was still extremely fresh and tasty. The rigatoni was probably our favourite. It was tender and flavorful, but cooked al dente the way that any good pasta should be.


Once you’ve chosen your pasta, you can also make the difficult decision of which sauce you’d like to enjoy. There are currently 9 options at the Vaughan Mills location – pomodoro (good ol’ tomato sauce), Bolognese (meat sauce), alla norma (tomato sauce with eggplant, ricotta, & black pepper), pesto, ai formaggi (cream sauce & cheeses), mamma rosa (rose sauce – a blend between red and white), amatriciana (like Bolognese, except with bacon), chicken alfredo, and aglio oilio & pepperoncino (olive oil, garlic, and chili flakes).


No pasta dish is complete without yummy toppings, and Dal Moro’s has lots to choose from. You can top pasta with parmesan cheese, chicken, bacon, green olives, mushrooms, mozzarella, garlic powder, parmesan or chili flakes. As purists, we opted for only the parmesan cheese, which added nice saltiness to the dish as a whole.


When you’re finished with your pasta, Dal Moro’s also makes two lovely varieties of tiramisu – original and Nutella. Of course, we had to try the Nutella. It was the perfect level of sweetness and was extremely creamy, with chunks of chocolatey goodness throughout. The only thing we might improve in their tiramisu is upping the coffee flavor in the cookies at the bottom. They were a bit on the plain side, although they were very soft.


Dal Moro’s brings an upscale feeling to the Vaughan Mills food court – while you may have to wait a minute or two more for your food than you would at Jimmy the Greek or Chipotle, the fresh pasta and sauce is well worth the extra time. This is a spot even our Nonna and pickiest Italian relatives would be happy with!



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