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Limitless Bar N Grill

Address: 1450 Centre St Unit 3

Phone Number: (905) 597-5252


City: Thornhill

Category: Fusion


Limitless Bar N Grill is Thornhill’s newest up and coming restaurant. Here, you will find a Chinese/Filipino spin on bar classics, and some delicious and insta-worthy drinks. Limitless BNG finds itself in the same plaza as Greco’s, a popular Thornhill grocery store. Because of its location on Centre Street, unfortunately it also finds itself in the midst of construction, which can make this place hard to find initially. However, once you do, we can almost guarantee you’d be in for a treat!

MVIMG_20190319_183437 (1)

Inside, accent walls lined with booths feature geometric designs of grey and pink, a dark marble bar countertop spans the opposite wall, big screens play sports and news channels, and music bumps at the perfect volume.


The menu boasts familiar bar foods with an exciting Asian twist. First up are starters. There are two items that star delicious, smoky, fatty pork belly – one of these is the pork belly nachos as well as the pork belly fries. Both are delicious and infused with the smoky flavor of the pork belly, which complements the other ingredients in both dishes and breathes new life to standard bar faves.



You can also get plain fries and onion rings, which are piping hot and crispy – just the way we like ‘em. It is also served with a subtly sweet, creamy sauce for dipping.

Spring rolls are two-bite sized and filled with flavorful ground pork. The exterior is crunchy and not overly oily.


There are also quite a few chicken wing flavors to choose from – we had the mango chipotle and maple chipotle, but diners can also opt for spicy chipotle, sweet thai, honey garlic, BBQ, salt & pepper, and spicy ranch. The chicken wing itself is meaty and fried up nice and crispy. Both the dry (mango) and saucy (maple) wings were absolutely delicious, with stinging, kicking sweetness.


Whether you’re coming to watch the game or kick back with friends, there are also bucket deals available for a great price. $37.99 will get you a bucket of 5 domestic beers alongside 2 pounds of wings, dressed how you like them. You can also upgrade to the Import bucket, which will set you back $43.99 total, and gives you the same amount of beers and wings, except your brews will be imports.

Moving onto the main event – there are lots of meaty, satisfying options at Limitless BNG. We absolutely loved the pork skewers. The meat was tender and flavorful, and the sauce was sticky, sweet, and really very delicious.


You can also order a platter of meat to share. All of the meat – from the pork belly to the skewers to the pieces of grilled pork were smoky and juicy. We’d definitely reorder this one! It would be great for sharing.


If you’re not big into meat, but you like seafood, you can opt for the milkfish. Milkfish is a popular Filipino seafood option, and this one is dressed in a balanced acidic marinade, tossed with tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro, and drizzled with creamy sauce.


The drink menu is uncomplicated, yet features many insta-worthy beverages. There is the Ace’s Key, which is a fruity mix of raspberry Smirnoff, peach schnapps, lemon juice, and sprite. It is also garnished with a sour key, which is always fun. Next on the menu is the Chilly Willy, which features white rum, blue curacao, and pineapple juice (basically a vacation in a glass). There is also the Mae Thai, which has rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and red grenadine. Finally, the last mixed cocktail on the menu is the Limitless Lychee Smash which contains gin, lychee fruit, mint, and soda water.


Look out for Limitless’s daily specials as well! Monday through Friday, special items are 7.99. On Mondays, 1lb of chicken wings is on special (or you can get 2lbs for 15.99), on Tuesdays it’s pork chop, Wednesdays feature pork or chicken bbq skewers, Thursday is chicken thigh night, and, on Friday, pork belly is on special. On Saturday, you can get a drink combo consisting of 375ml of Jack Daniels, Appleton Estate, or Titos with 3 soft drinks for $35.00, and on Sundays, any cocktail is $5.


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