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Chocolats Favoris

Multiple Locations: Aurora, Guelph, Vaughan


City: Maple

Category: Ice Cream


Chocolats Favoris, like Cacao 70, proves that Montreal is the ultimate birthplace of wonderful chocolate-centric shops. With four locations in and around the GTA (including locations in Guelph and Aurora), one of the most recently opened is Chocolats Favoris’s Vaughan location. Outside the Maple location is red signage and, in the summer, an outdoor seating area where dessert enthusiasts can indulge in cool, decadent treats in the open air.


Inside, Chocolats Favoris is a modern-day Willy Wonka chocolate factory. Brown, metallic pipes color-coded and labelled with various chocolate flavors can be seen on the walls, as well as shelves of chocolate for purchase that can be enjoyed at home. Multiple display cases showcase truffles, various melted chocolates, and gelato. Admittedly, it is easy to get sidetracked on your way to the cash register, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up with handfuls of take-home goodies, like chocolate fondue pots (which can even be personalized, chocolate bars, and so much more! Around the holidays, Chocolats Favoris even does an advent calendar!


While the amount of delicious-looking sweets can be overwhelming at first, we recommend first-timers opt for one of Chocolats Favoris’s iconic dipped cones. If you’re a minimalist, you may opt for a classic dipped cone, which features soft serve and your choice of twelve chocolate dip flavors (milk chococlates: tiramisu, original milk, salted caramel, dulce de leche, s’mores, and hazelnut praline; dark chocolates: original dark, crunchy hazelnut, and Tanzania 75%; white chocolates: cookies & cream, and maple fondant). Our personal favourite is the dulce de leche chocolate, which is sweet and creamy with subtle caramel notes. We also love that cones come in sizes perfect for everyone, ranging from mini cones (for those who can’t handle too much sugar all at once) to large (for all our North of the 6ixers with a similarly-sized sweet tooth).


For those with more adventurous plans, Chocolats Favoris also offers Kooky Kones, which are dipped cones topped with various kooky combinations. Some of our personal favorites have been the s’mores cone, (a s’mores chocolate dipped soft serve cone topped with roasted marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, mini dehydrated marshmallows, and a piece of graham cracker biscuit), the cookies & cream cone (cookies & cream white chocolate dipped soft serve topped with chocolate cookie bites, dark chocolate coulis, and chocolate sandwich cookie pieces) and the Hazelnut Praline (hazelnut praline dark chocolate dipped soft serve topped with royaltine truffle, dark chocolate coulis, and hazelnut bresilienne). Do be warned that as much as we love these cones, they are VERY decadent and very filling, so choose your size wisely based on your tolerance for sugar and your hunger.


If ice cream just isn’t your cup of tea, but you still want to indulge, you can order a waffle cone filled with fresh quartered strawberries and topped with your choice of chocolate. Essentially, it is a to-go/handheld fondue! If you order a dark chocolate option, the dessert can be vegan as well! The combination of fresh fruit and chocolate is one of our favorite of all time, so we highly recommend this dessert whether or not you’re looking for a lighter dessert option.


Chocolats Favoris also offers funnel cake fries, which come topped with marshmallows and your choice of chocolate. This dessert can even be dressed the same way as your favorite Kooky Kone! The dessert was decent, but we would still choose one of the previously mentioned desserts over this one. The actual fries were not super fresh tasting when we had them, but the chocolate and ice cream were still good!


Dessert-lovers looking to drink their treats instead may spring for a hot chocolate, milkshake, or fruity slush beverage. Milkshakes come in cotton candy, velvet chocolate, strawberry shortcake, and pecan pie. If you’re looking to warm up, Chocolats Favoris has three hot chocolate flavours: s’mores, velvet chocolate, and pecan pie.



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