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Loukoumania Cafe

Address: 3120 Rutherford Rd Unit 10

Phone Number: (289) 553-9111


City: Concord

Category: Dessert


The days of trekking all the way down to the Danforth in search of delicious Greek desserts are officially over. Loukoumania seeks to bring a little Greek culture to the suburbs, doing so mainly through their loukoumades (pronounced lou-kou-mah-des), but also through a variety of delicious beverages and other desserts. Inside, the shop is bright yellow and black, with lots of comfy chairs, larger tables for bigger groups, and smaller tables as well. The front cash also features delicious goodies imported from Greece, including cookies and a nutella-like chocolate spread. One taste of this place, and we know you’ll be hooked. We certainly are!


First, let’s talk about those delicious, golden honey puffs – the loukoumades. As far as Greek desserts go, we can understand why this would have been considered “the dessert of the Gods” (you can read more about the history of Loukoumades on Loukoumania’s website). For those who have never tried them before, we like to describe them as Greek Tim Bits – round, donut-hole like objects soaked in delicious Greek honey and topped with anything your heart desires. They are also made without dairy or eggs! In terms of toppings, there are actually over 30 to select from! Our favourite are the traditional (a simple sprinkling of cinnamon) and Nutella – not Italian Nutella though, Greek Nutella. The product is slightly less sweet and a little more cocoa-y, which pairs super nicely with the sweet little honey puffs. You can order these in 3’s ($1.75 and $0.65/additional topping), 6’s ($2.95 and $0.65/additional topping), 12’s ($5.75 and $1.30/topping layer), 36’s ($15.95 and $1.95/topping layer), and 60’s ($27.95 and $3.25/topping layer). If you ask us, that’s an amazing value.


If you’re not sold on plain loukoumades, there is also the option to get 3 ($4.75) or 6 ($5.95) loukoumades with soft serve vanilla ice cream. The ice cream is super creamy and pairs exceptionally well with the decadent, honey-filled desserts. This would be a great option for summer when you want to enjoy some warm loukoumades but still want to stay cool.


Aside from loukoumades, Loukoumania also has a not-so-secret menu posted beside the cash registers that show their offerings of savory delights like Tyropita (phylo stuffed with feta & yogurt) and Spanakopita (phylo stuffed with spinach & feta). Additionally, there are other desserts like Bougatsa (puff phylo pastry filled with vanilla custard) and secret milkshake & loukoumades topping flavors, like a cinnamon toast crunch milkshake or a funnel-cake flavored topping for loukoumades.


If you’ve come to Loukoumania looking for a beverage, there is no shortage of options either. Loukoumania makes excellent Loukafe Butter Coffee (butter & MCT Oil – aka Bulletproof Coffee – so Keto Guidos can enjoy something at Loukoumania as well!) or coffee made with coconut oil, in case dairy isn’t your thing. Both are super creamy and filling, so you won’t feel too bad about missing out on desserts (probably). There are also milkshakes, regular coffees, teas and tea lattes, and hot chocolates.



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