Sushi Huang Japanese Cuisine

Address: 265 Edward St.

Phone Number: (905) 727-1133


City: Aurora

Category: Japanese


Sushi Huang is a tiny, clean, and simple space serving up traditional Japanese dishes with a modern twist, including All You Can Eat Sushi. There are also bento box and a la carte options, in addition to take-out, for which they have certain pick up specials, which you can learn about in more detail from their website.


Sushi Huang promises diners sushi made from the freshest ingredients, hand-picked daily from the local market, rather than brought in from a local distributor. The staff is very friendly and attentive, even when the restaurant gets busy. Food also comes out quickly, so if you’re hungry, you won’t be waiting too long to fill up on delicious Japanese goods. Sushi Huang does get busy around lunch time (their lunch special being on from 11:00am-4:00pm), so get here earlier rather than later if you’re planning to secure a spot.

The AYCE menu is a good size – not overwhelmingly long, but not too short. Still, we’ll tell you what we enjoyed most during our visit to sushi Huang. For appetizers, we tried the tempura crab, beef gyoza, and spring rolls.

The crab was certainly a highlight of our experience, with its crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside texture and its perfect crabby taste. It was served with a slightly sweet, yet savory dipping sauce as well.


The gyoza was good as well, crispy on the outside and filled with hot, seasoned ground beef. We may have liked a little more ginger flavor in the filling, but it was good nonetheless.


The spring rolls were hot (we always make the mistake of biting into them too soon – pro tip: PATIENCE. We have not mastered this skill yet). The shell was very crispy, but we wish there had been a bit more filling inside. Sushi Huang also makes a crab and shrimp spring roll, for those looking to up their seafood intake.


In terms of maki rolls, Sushi Huang had some very good ones. One of our favourite rolls, sweet potato tempura, had a deliciously crispy filling, but the rice was still cold on the outside, which is how we know it was freshly made. Sushi Huang also makes a sweet potato tempura roll featuring avocado, which added nice creaminess, and is a roll not often found at sushi restaurants, so we were happy to come across it here.


Speaking of unique maki rolls, Sushi Huang also had chicken teriyaki maki rolls, which has grilled chicken inside rice and seaweed drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce. It’s definitely a good option for those who aren’t crazy about seafood, but we wish the chicken itself had a bit more flavor.


Some more traditional rolls that we enjoyed were the green dragon roll and California roll. As standard as these may be for sushi restaurants, Sushi Huang does them just right, and one definitely gets the sense that the ingredients are fresh.

If maki rolls aren’t your thing, Sushi Huang also has other AYCE favorites, like chicken fried rice, coconut shrimp, chicken wings, edamame, noodles, and curry. There’s something for everyone at Sushi Huang!




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