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Karahi Point

Multiple Locations: Etobicoke, North York


Category: Pakistani


With an original location in Etobicoke, Karahi Point’s newest North York location is serving up delicious halal Pakistani and Indian favourites to the central/southern GTA. Being right off the highway, this location is easily accessible to many and boasts a spacious dining area with friendly staff and an overall comforting atmosphere.


Karahi Point has a fairly large selection of Pakistani dishes to choose from – their menu is expansive, but not to an overwhelming degree. To start, we sampled the chicken pakora (one of our most favorite foods! Pictured below, first photo.) and the lahori fried fish (also below, second photo). Both items were crispy and fried to golden perfection without being overly oily. The chicken was juicy and seasoned with warm and spicy flavors, and the fish was extremely tender and buttery. The latter would be better for those who don’t tolerate spice as well – the chicken pakora was definitely the spicier of the two.


One of our favorite Pakistani dishes is Chicken Karahi – a fragrant, spicy chicken curry dish. We were able to try two varieties at Karahi Point: the standard chicken karahi and the chicken peshawari karahi. Both came with juicy dark and white chicken pieces in a mouthwatering, kickin’ sauce perfect for scooping up with some of Karahi Point’s delicious, house-made naan. We were new to the concept of Peshawari-style cooking, but learned that traditionally, it involves less sautéing and cooking over the stove than most Indian cuisine. Instead, peshawari dishes rely on ample time for marinating and slow-cooking in order to enhance the beautiful flavors of this curry dish. Some variations of the recipe even include tomato paste for added sweetness and color. We actually preferred the peshawari chicken dish for the amazing flavor punch it had! We very highly recommend this dish in particular if you are new to Pakistani/Indian cuisine or if you are visiting Karahi Point for the first time. After all, if the restaurant shares a name with this dish, it has to be good, right?


Another delicious option if you’re not into too much sauce I the chicken tikka, a wonderfully flavorful, spicy BBQ chicken dish. We love BBQ chicken, but know that it’s easy to go from juicy to dry. Karahi Point doesn’t have this problem, as all of their chicken dishes were very juicy, regardless of how they were cooked. This dish was delicious on its own and moist without any sauce, which is exactly what a good chicken dish should be, in our opinion.


Those more into beef than chicken would love the beef seekh kabobs (pictured below, first photo) and/or the tawa queema (below, second photo). The seekh kabobs were full of juice from the ground beef and had a fresh, warm flavor with a kick. The tawa queema was an impressively spicey dish and would certainly please those with a higher tolerance for spice.


Karahi Point also has lots of vegetarian options, including delicious lahori chana, a spicy, saucy chickpea dish that is delicious with naan.



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