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Euro Shawarma (Finch)

Address: 1054 Finch Ave W

Phone Number: (416) 650-0459


City: North York

Category: Mediterranean


We did it – we have officially found the absolute best shawarma in the GTA. With an original location at Keele & Wilson, Euro Shawarma has now moved slightly further north to Dufferin & Finch. Having been to many shawarma places in our lifetime, we can say that nothing has ever come close to this place. Euro offers legendary chicken and beef shawarma, falafel, a variety of delicious sides, and more in a casual, spacious atmosphere. The new location is significantly larger than its predecessor, with lots of seating available for those looking to enjoy their Halal Mediterranean dishes in-house. What makes Euro Shawarma such a standout spot is honestly the garlic sauce – it is perfectly balanced, wonderfully flavorful, and is something completely unique to this particular brand of Mediterranean restaurant. We might go so far as to say that Euro Shawarma’s garlic sauce is probably the 8th wonder of the world.



The first dish we ever tried at Euro Shawarma (at their original Keele & Wilson location) was their chicken shawarma pita. Can you remember the first time you ever tasted one of your favourite foods? When every delicious flavor and texture hit your taste buds and began that instant, enduring love affair? That’s how it was with this shawarma pita. And things were no different at Euro’s new location. Pitas are stuffed to the brim with your choice of shawarma (chicken or beef) as well as your choice of toppings (we usually get hummus, cucumbers, chickpeas, lettuce, parsley, and red cabbage – with looooots of garlic sauce and tzatziki). The pita is always fresh and the fillings are always super delicious. If you’re going to experience Euro Shawarma in its full glory, go for the pita.


While the pita is our go-to at this casual Mediterranean spot, those who prefer lighter fare or live a lower-carb lifestyle would be just as happy with a salad topped with chicken shawarma (you can also get it with beef shawarma or chicken souvlaki, but the shawarma is our personal preference). The salad, like the pita, can have the same toppings – and don’t forget the GARLIC SAUCE. Honestly, you don’t even need salad dressing if you get garlic sauce and tzatziki, so technically you’re saving a few calories there as well. # Healthy Living.


Euro Shawarma also makes some delicious potato dishes. The standard side is garlic potatoes, which are seasoned, roasted potatoes smothered in none other than that heavenly garlic sauce. This is a must try and is another one of our favourites from when we would visit the Keele & Wilson location. This location makes potatoes that are more bite-sized however, and less greasy than the other location’s.


There is also a wonderful French fry dish that comes with standard golden French fries topped with shawarma and – wait for it – garlic sauce. Seriously, I’m thinking of changing the title of this post to “Euro Shawarma’s Garlic Sauce”. Don’t @ me.


If you’re looking to finish off your meal with something sweet (although we’re like 1000% sure you will be too full to look at any other food after you’re done), Euro Shawarma also serves baklava!



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