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Hank Daddy’s BBQ

Address: 7777 Keele St #11

Phone Number: (905) 417-4545


City: Concord

Category: BBQ


Hank Daddy’s is truly a hidden gem north of the city. The days of trekking downtown to wait in line ups in a small, crowded space for authentic southern BBQ are over. Hank Daddy’s BBQ brings a little country to Keele and Highway 7 with its excellent playlist of country jams, picnic tables for dining, and the owner always sporting his very own cowboy hat. Not to mention delicious BBQ. The expansive menu is written on a black chalkboard wall accented with red. Hank Daddy’s serves everything from brisket to ribs, chicken to sausage, a variety of delicious sides, and other delicious creations with Hank Daddy’s own meats as the stars.


Hank Daddy’s does BBQ classics like beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken wings, sausage, ribs, and chicken breast just right. Meats are smoked and seasoned to perfection. We have tried all of the meats, but would recommend their sweet yet savory pulled pork, their ultra-tender beef brisket, and their fall-off-the-bone smoked ribs. Every table at Hank Daddy’s is equipped with sauce to spice up your meal, including a peppery, slightly kickin’ house BBQ sauce and a sweet honey mustard. Both complement any of Hank Daddy’s items well, depending on what you’re after.


Those looking for a little more sustenance might opt for one of Hank Daddy’s sandwiches. Diners can choose between pulled pork, beef brisket, grilled chicken, and smoked sausage. Because we loved the pulled pork and beef brisket so much, we decided to try those in a sandwich. The bread was a fresh egg bun that added lovely buttery notes to the smoky flavor of the meat. The pulled pork sandwich was especially nice with the addition of the slightly sweet BBQ sauce.


More adventurous foodies should go for Hank Daddy’s signature Pulled Pork Parfait and/or the cowboy fries. The Parfait comes layered with perfect creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes, baked beans, pulled pork, and that deliciously sweet BBQ sauce. The flavors complement each other beautifully between the sweet and smoky taste profiles as well as the hearty yet smooth textures presented. The cowboy fries, which involve crispy thin-sliced sweet potato fries topped with fresh and crisp cole slaw and Hank Daddy’s pulled pork, are excellent in the area of contrast and complement as well. The freshness of the slaw, the sweetness of the fries and the sauce, the comfort of the pulled pork – there is nothing quite like it anywhere.



Hank Daddy’s also has some wonderful sides to pair with the excellent dishes mentioned above, including the best Mac & Cheese we may have ever had to date (look at the cheese pull below to see what we mean). They also make some mean fries, which are reminiscent of McDonald’s famous taters (and who doesn’t love those?). You can also get an oil and vinegar-based slaw (as opposed to a creamy, mayo base), cornbread, pickles, garden salad, and/or cornbread.


If you’re thinking of finishing off your meal with something sweet, Hank Daddy’s has pies that rotate every so often as well as ice cream. When we visited, we had the key lime pie, which was delightfully tart, yet sweet. The whipped cream did well to balance the strong, citrusy flavor of the filling.



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