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Mo’s Golden Pretzel

Multiple Locations: Brampton, Hamilton, North York, Thornhill


Category: Pretzels


The Promenade Mall in Thornhill has recently undergone a bit of a refresh – especially when it comes to more exciting food options. Mo’s Golden Pretzel is a welcome replacement to the back end of what was formerly Second Cup – it is currently flanked by Foot Locker and a Booster Juice. It is quite a small shop and potentially easy to miss, but you will want to keep a special lookout for these delicious pretzels, which has also been pleasing hungry tummies in Brampton, North York, and Hamilton.


The Menu at Mo’s is straightforward – there are two types of Pretzels: Signature & Deluxe. On the Signature menu, one can expect to find warm pretzels topped with salt, sesame, or parmesan. These are best for those looking to enjoy something more savory and to get a sense of the pretzel uninterrupted by more elaborate toppings. We tried the parmesan pretzel, paired with a cheese dip. The pretzel is so delicious that dip is hardly required. The saltiness of the parmesan was enough to add an extra flavoring to the already buttery, soft dough. The cheese dip didn’t really stand up to the more intense flavor of the parm, so we would recommend enjoying this particular flavor on its own.


If you’re after something sweet, you can get your pretzels topped with Nutella, vanilla drizzle, or caramel. We tried the Nutella, which was a simple yet indulgent dessert. The ratio of Nutella to pretzel was just perfect, and we loved the way that the rich Nutella complemented the light and fluffy pretzel.


Those into bite sized snacks can opt for pretzel bites, which are simply smaller, nugget-like pretzel pieces. We preferred the larger pretzel over the bites, but the latter make a great on-the-go snack option.


Hungrier pretzel-seekers may want to try the pretzel dog – a pig in a (pretzel) blanket. You are also able to get these topped like a regular pretzel, so consider adding some savory toppings to spice up your dog! And don’t forget the mustard for dipping!

All orders can be turned into a combo, which includes a pretzel item of your choice plus a drink and dip for under $10.


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