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Ramona’s Kitchen

Address: 7355 Bayview Ave

Phone Number: (905) 597-9220


City: Thornhill

Category: All Day Breakfast/Brunch


Ramona’s Kitchen is a Thornhill restaurant known primarily for their delicious all-day breakfast and brunch. Fans of the first, most important meal of the day can indulge in their choice of dishes from an incredibly diverse menu and watch as chefs prepare it in an open-kitchen concept. In this way, Ramona’s Kitchen truly makes diners a part of the experience from the moment they walk in the door.

Aside from brunch, Ramona’s is also open until 9pm and serves a lunch and dinner crowd with their all-day breakfast in addition to sandwiches (like the brunch burger and peameal sandwich, pictured below), salads (such as the breakfast bowl, also seen below), as well as fish & chips, grilled salmon, and desserts (like a loaded waffle with ice cream, fruit, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Ramona’s is almost always busy, especially around breakfast/brunch time (even on weekdays!), so plan ahead. Note, however, that Ramona’s does not accept reservations for brunch between the hours of 9am-4pm, so get there early – especially if you have a larger party.


Breakfast- and brunch-goers can expect to be satisfied no matter what they’re craving in the morning. Those who want something savory and simple can have a classic breakfast of eggs (prepared any way your heart desires), which includes two perfectly cooked eggs, warm and lightly toasted bread, and your choice of locally sourced bacon (regular strips, peameal, or turkey), sausage, or ham as well as Ramona’s signature tri-coloured home fries (chunky potatoes that are slightly crunchy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside – the way a good potato should be. We loved the colour and excitement that the potatoes added to the plate – not to mention, they were absolutely delicious. If you’re looking to jazz up a traditional breakfast, consider “Dad’s Full Breakfast,” which comes with all of the same wonderful items as the Classic, but with the addition of another meat and pancakes or French toast.


One of the best things we’ve ever had at Ramona’s Kitchen (aside from everything – you really can’t go wrong with any menu item) – and potentially EVER – is the Breakfast Poutine. Served in a silver bucket, this poutine comes with their delightful tri-coloured potatoes, with the perfect ratio of salty cheese curds and one of the most amazing Hollandaise sauces we’ve ever tasted. Oh, and a perfectly poached egg on top (#YolkGoals). But we really need to give the Hollandaise some more attention. The sauce was the perfect blend of creamy and rich, and also packed incredible flavor and a slight acidity that contrasts nicely with the creaminess of the curds and the richness of the potatoes. In our professional opinion, we don’t think that a trip to Ramona’s can be complete without sampling this drool-worthy dish. If a breakfast-themed poutine isn’t your cup of tea, Ramona’s also has other poutine varieties, ranging from classic to mushroom & goat cheese to sweet potato.


Other solid savory options are the chicken schnitzel eggs benedict, which has a base of moist, flavorful chicken schnitzel with a tomato veggie sauce topped with a poached egg and hollandaise.


Diners looking to cut carbs can opt for the Southwest Benedict, which has a base of sweet potato instead of the traditional English muffin, and is topped with fresh, perfectly green avocado, a poached egg, and of course, hollandaise sauce.


Those with a sweet tooth will be incredibly pleased with the menu at Ramona’s Kitchen as well. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that you’re in for a treat. First, we’ll discuss the pancakes and waffles. Both are fluffy, prepared fresh to order, and served with the standard syrup. You can customize your order by adding Nutella (highly recommended for the ‘gram, since it’s served in a teeny tiny Nutella jar), chocolate chips, blueberries, strawberries, and/or bananas for an extra $2 each.


Pre-created flavors of pancakes also exist on the menu. Specifically, the blueberry pancakes and banana Nutella pancakes are delightful stacks of fluffy, sweet goodness. The blueberry pancakes are average-sized and have a slightly tart yet sweet blueberry compote, always made from scratch. The banana Nutella pancakes have banana slices baked right in, are stacked high, and come drizzled with Nutella. Make sure you come hungry!


If you’re more of a French toast fan, Ramona’s has options for you as well! You can opt for their Challah French Toast (honestly, Challah is the only type of bread that should be used for French toast – it’s so much richer, buttery, and flavorful), which can also be a canvas for additional Nutella, strawberries, or bananas (for an extra $2 each, like the waffles and pancakes). The s’mores french toast, pictured below, is deliciously decadent, and all of the flavours marry together exquisitely.


If you’re in the mood for a unique French toast experience, try the Banana Bread French Toast – three thick slices of light and fluffy banana bread prepared French toast style, served with syrup. Add some Nutella for the wonderfully flattering combination of hazelnut, chocolate, and banana.


No matter what tantalizing menu item you decide to partake in, we are willing to bet that you will eat well at Ramona’s!


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