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Draco Markham

Address: 170 Enterprise Blvd.

Phone Number:


City: Markham

Category: Canadian

Draco Markham is a chic hotel restaurant located in the plaza of a Marriott. Wonderfully lofty ceilings and tall windows give the space a wonderfully bright atmosphere. Large, winding silver objects shine over diners in this posh and luxurious space named after the constellation Draco. Draco Markham specializes in CanAsian cuisine and offers a variety of hand crafted alcoholic beverages as well. The service here is exactly what one might expect of such an upscale place – absolutely impeccable.


Draco Markham can be a wonderful spot to grab a drink and appetizers with friends or to impress a date with a romantic evening of good food and libations. No matter who you choose to accompany you, you can’t go wrong with starters! A popular item at Draco is the Seed to Sausage to Farm Charcuterie board, which stars bleu d’elizabeth pepperette, genoa pork salami, cold smoked pork loin, and smoked duck served with crispy baguette slices. If meat isn’t your thing, you can try the Cheese Board (pictured below), which has 4 different cheeses (including brie and gorgonzola), fruit (thinly sliced apple and a strawberry), honey, and crispy crostini served on a rustic piece of finished wood. This would be excellent to share with a glass of wine or a Rouge River Beer – even Draco Markham’s own Pilsner (also pictured below).


DSC01638~2Draco offers an expansive drink menu which also features some seasonal selections. If you visit in the winter, you can expect to find classic comforting flavors like pumpkin, apple, and warm spices. The Pumpkin Spice is our favourite – a mild and creamy twist on a drink that is anything but basic. The Rum Nog is very strong but has a great flavor profile. A swig of this will ensure that your tree isn’t the only thing getting lit this holiday season!


For mains, Draco offers locally sourced products crafted with care into delicious culinary creations. The lobster grilled cheese is quite possibly the best we’ve had to date. The buttery, eggy challah bread is thick and generously buttered, but is not greasy. Inside, real, mild cheddar cheese blends perfectly with fresh lobster chunks. The lobster is not overly fishy and does not overpower the sandwich, which we liked. The ratio of bread to cheese to lobster was just perfect. The sandwich also comes served with a side of piping hot, crispy, and flavorful french fries, fresh cut and served in a generous helping. Another dish we sampled was the Atlantic Salmon, which was absolutely delightful as well. The salmon was cooked very well – a bit on the drier side, but the outside was nicely crispy and the seasoning did not overpower the rest of the dish. Beautiful golden beets sat alongside perfectly cooked, subtly sweet wild rice pilaf, and a pea puree added wonderful complexity to the dish. Draco also has non-seafood dishes, including the Holden Country Brisket Burger and King Cole Duck Breast.



Desserts at this Markham spot are classic Canadian favourites with a special twist – house made beavertails with a nutella cinnamon sauce, campfire s’mores, and cheesecake spring rolls.

Draco also does breakfast, which spans classic favourites like oatmeal, bacon & eggs, and pancakes – but one can surely expect a high-class, delicious Draco spin on whatever they order.


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