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Ice ‘N Cake

Address: 30 Clock Tower Rd

Phone Number: (416) 444-2100


City: North York

Category: Dessert


Ice ‘n Cake is a super fun, super cute dessert spot in the heart of the Shops at Don Mills plaza. Surrounded by loads of other food options, this place draws huge lines in the summer and offers comforting crepes and waffles to help you warm up during the winter months, along with both cold and hot drinks to match your mood. Inside you can expect to find lots of colours and cakes and gelato flavors on display with a good amount of indoor seating. There is also a patio outside for #PatioSzn.



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One of the best things you can order at Ice ‘N Cake – in our humble opinion – is the Chocolate Monkey waffle. This is a super fluffy, warm waffle topped with a generous amount of Nutella and a giant portion of chocolate gelato shaped like a rose (think: Cauldron Ice Cream). This particular waffle has bananas as the featured fruit and is also garnished with chocolate sauce. This was a filling, delicious, and sweet dish that is sure to make any dessert-seeker happy. Other waffle flavors include The Nutty Professor (almond slices, toffee sauce, and hazelnut gelato) and Canadiana (maple syrup, strawberries, cinnamon, and vanilla gelato). You can also add extra toppings for a small fee. If you’re more of a simple individual when it comes to your desserts, you can also order waffles with a single topping.


The crepes at Ice ‘N Cake are fantastic as well. You can get them in the same flavors as the waffles, or you can indulge in a savory crepe. Diners have a choice of three of the following fillings: ham, turkey, cheese, peppers, spinach, egg, and/or aioli mayo. We ordered a custom savory crepe with cheese, eggs, and ham. The crepe was slightly sweet and contrasted the rich, savory fillings nicely. We kind of wished there had been more egg inside though, as good as it was.


There is also an expansive list of beverages – both hot and cold – that you can enjoy on their own or alongside your dessert of choice. We tried the affogato, which is bold espresso poured over your choice of gelato flavour. We loved the combination of coffee and hazelnut. This felt more like a dessert than a drink, and was delightful from start to finish. The blend of bitter coffee and creamy, sweet gelato was a symphony of deliciousness we couldn’t get enough of. Other noteworthy beverages include the matcha and chai tea lattes, a spot of tea for two, coffee crème brulee, freddo espresso, along with many other smoothies, gelato milkshakes, and specialty shakes.


If you’re in a rush to get home, you can also order Ice ‘N Cake’s gelato in a to-go tub. A half litre will get you 2 flavors, while one litre will allow you to select 3 flavours.



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