Farsi Dine-In

Address: 8159 Yonge St

Phone Number: (905) 597-6660

Website: https://farsidinein.com/

City: Thornhill

Category: Persian


Farsi Dine-In is an authentic, luxurious-feeling restaurant hidden in a Yonge street plaza. Farsi started as a Persian catering service but eventually transitioned a sit-down dining experience. The restaurant uses authentic Persian herbs, spices, and cooking techniques and source their ultra-fresh produce from local farms and butchers. Inside, dark marble counters are accented with a white textured wall accented by purple light. There is upbeat music and music videos playing on large flat screens as well, giving the space a fun feel that skips some of the intimidation of some more formal dine-in spots. With this said, Farsi also has friendly and knowledgeable staff that will be more than happy to recommend particular dishes to suit your tastes (especially if it’s your first time trying Persian cuisine) as well as amazingly authentic Persian dishes. It is also worth noting that Farsi Dine-In is open until 3AM from Wednesday to Sunday, so you can get your fix no matter how late the craving strikes.


When we visited, we decided to try a balance of authentic Persian favourites as well as some other dishes that are menu staples with a Persian twist. One of the appetizers we had fell under the latter – the Signature Fries (pictured below). They were fresh, round, ruffle cut potatoes topped generously with melted cheese, diced tomatoes, parsley, and sour cream. We found there to be a bit too much cheese, which was more like a processed cheese sauce than real cheese. However, it was still very tasty. It went very well with the cucumber yogurt dip (pictured above) that we ordered, and we certainly recommend getting both and dipping the fries into the yogurt. The appetizer typically comes on its own to be eaten separately. It is like a more mild tzatziki and is extremely fresh with its cucumber, parsley, and mint flavors. Diners can also opt for the savory homemade yogurt dish topped with shallots as well as a spinach option. Other apps include stuffed eggplant, an herb and cheese plate (read: Persian charcuterie board), and Kashke Badmejoon (a sautéed and pureed eggplant and onion dish combined with fried garlic, walnuts, and mint – served with Farsi bread). There are also salads and soups, when something on the lighter side is desired.


Farsi has a very wide selection of main dishes, ranging from Kababs, Tachin, sandwiches, pizza, and other authentic Persian favourties. We opted for the Baghali Polo Tahchin and the Roasted Chicken Sandwich. The latter was decent for a standard chicken sandwich. The fresh sesame bun was soft and held up well to the chicken breast. The lettuce and pickle inside were also crisp and fresh. The chicken had a slight kick and was fairly juicy. This is a good option for those who may not be experienced with Persian cuisine and aren’t looking to branch out too far from their comfort zone. If you’re looking for a more authentic Persian dining experience, we highly recommend the Baghali Polo Tahchin. Tahchin is a baked rice cake usually made with saffron. Farsi’s Tahchin had a top later of crispy, saffron rice over a herbed rice with lima beans, which had a delicious and aromatic flavor of dill and parsley. The rice was incredibly flavorful, and did not overpower the lamb that came with the dish, which was tender, juicy, and perfectly seasoned. This was also a wonderful dish to pair with the homemade yogurt, so make sure your visit to Farsi Dine-In features some of this tasty starter.


Diners craving something sweet after their meal can choose from walnut stuffed dates, baklava, traditional ice cream in the flavor of the day, and Zubia Bamieh (a starch-based dough that is deep fried and soaked in sweet syrup).





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