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The Indian Cuisine

Address: 398 Steeles Ave W

Phone Number: (905) 370-0880


City: Thornhill

Category: Indian


Near the border of Thornhill and North York is a delightful plaza housing an Indian Buffet known simply as The Indian Cuisine. The staff is very friendly and will let you choose your own seat if it is not too busy. Diners can enjoy the buffet, full of traditional Indian favourites, or can order from an a la carte menu. The buffet is very much worth it, as dinner is only $14.99 and lovers of Indian cuisine can enjoy a variety of fresh, delicious, and authentic Indian food and dessert for this fantastic price. The Indian Cuisine has vegetarian, tandoori, chicken, fish, lamb and goat options in addition to rice, biryani, and various Indian breads.


The buffet option features many highlights, the first of which is one of our favourite items at Indian restaurants – the naan bread. Super buttery, fresh, and warm, The Indian Cuisine’s garlic butter naan bread is flavorful and is the perfect way to collect any extra, delicious sauce that may be left on your plate – it’s definitely classier than licking the plate clean, which, in all honesty, we were tempted to do.


We also very much enjoyed the butter chicken, another staple and favourite of ours. The sauce was perfectly flavorful and went incredibly well with the fluffy, perfectly cooked long grain jasmine scented rice. The meat was tender, juicy, and fresh. In addition to this chicken dish, there is also chicken tikka masala and tandoori chicken. The latter was a bit dry but had good flavor.


We also enjoyed the chicken pakora, a fried chickpea and meat fritter. There was also another pakora variety smothered in a tasty yellow curry sauce. The dry ones were our favourite – they remained crispy and flavorful. While the yellow sauce was good on the saucy pakora, but being in the sauce on the hot table compromises the texture, in our opinion. Another delicious fried item was the vegetable samosa, which was perfectly crispy with a spicy and flavor-packed potato and pea filling.


There are also a few dessert options, including ice cream and gulaab jamon (dense, donut-like confections that are soaked in a delicious rose flavored syrup. The warm gulaab jamon would pair wonderfully with a scoop of cold ice cream from the dessert portion of the buffet.









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