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Address: 1285 Elgin Mills Rd E #16

Phone Number: (905) 918-8677


City: Richmond Hill

Category: Halal/American


Nestled in a plaza with Richmond Hill favourites Nonna’s Oven and Amy’s Fish & Chips is a Halal eatery serving up American favourites like pizza, wings, burgers, and milkshakes. The space inside is quite large, but can get busy at peak times. The staff are friendly and accommodating, and the owner sometimes likes to engage his guests in a friendly challenge – sometimes a math problem, usually for visiting students (the reward is a free milkshake!) or regular customers looking to tackle the feat of eating 1 whole pound of Topping’s spiciest wing sauce (the reward for this is the pound of wings for free!).


Toppings has an incredibly varied menu sure to satisfy any craving. Of their sandwiches, Toppings offers a variety of burgers, a steak & cheese sandwich, and a crispy chicken sandwich, among others. The latter sandwich’s chicken is crispy and juicy. It comes topped with a fresh tomato and lettuce leaf along with mayonnaise. The sandwich is good, and the bun is nicely toasted, but we felt there could have been a little more flavor – a mild chipotle mayo may have been more complimentary.


Sandwiches come with a side when ordered as part of a combo. Fries are standard, but the onion rings were our favourite – crispy with a good fried batter-to-onion ratio. Diners also have the option of ordering a poutine with their combo. We liked this better than the plain fries. The gravy was perfect for the fries and, despite the fact that cheese came grated instead of in curd form, there was a generous amount, making the poutine stringy and cheesy as any should be.


Toppings also has halal pizza with a wide variety of garnishes, including butter chicken, Tex Mex, and BBQ Chicken. We sampled the latter, which was spicy, between mild and medium spice. The crust has nice flavor and is on the thicker side. It is chewy, but not crispy on the outside like a traditional dough. This is a good fast-food style pizza option.


In addition to pizza and burgers, Toppings also has wings and popcorn chicken for those looking for more protein. There is a wide selection of sauces available, ranging from mild (BBQ, ranch, honey garlic, etc.), spicy (hot honey garlic, jerk, buffalo ranch, etc.), and extreme (suicide, homicide, homicide honey garlic, and homicide jerk). In terms of the sauces, spice-sensitive foodies should stick to the “regular sauces,” as anything beyond that is very spicy. The popcorn chicken is very true to its name, served on actual plain popcorn. We didn’t find wing sauce and popcorn to be our favourite combo, but if you treat it as a garnish and give your undivided attention to the popcorn chicken, we think you’ll like what you taste. The pieces are full of real, juicy, white chicken breast coated and fried to crispy perfection. The actual chicken wings were good, but not as crispy when they were saucy. If you’re looking for a crispier wing, try one of the dry-rub options.


After indulging in delicious savory halal items, restaurant-goers can choose from 33 milkshake flavors, including Chai Tea, English Toffee, Peppermint Paddy, Tiramisu, and Cheesecake, the latter of which was a clear favourite. The shakes aren’t as thick as one might expect, but the flavor is quite nice. Toppings also has other sweet options including mango juice, Stewart’s sodas, various mocktails, and desserts like molten lava cake and brownies served with vanilla ice cream.






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