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Nine18 Restaurant

Address: 10100 Heart Lake Rd

Phone Number: (905) 500-0918


City: Brampton

Category: Eclectic



Nine18 Restaurant is Turnberry Golf Course’s on-site restaurant. After an enjoyable day on the green, golfers can dine inside or outdoors on Nine18’s beautiful patio and enjoy a wide variety of menu items. You can also enjoy Nine18’s food without having gone golfing. Menus items include traditional American favourites like burgers, Italian dishes like pasta and pizza, and many delicious appetizers. The setting of this restaurant is exquisite, surrounded by lush greenery and brightly coloured flowers. The inside of the restaurant has tall, lofty ceilings and dark, warm tones that contribute to a certain air of luxury. While the inside is lovely, diners should consider enjoying their meals and beverages on the outdoor patio. We were lucky enough to visit at sunset, which was an incredibly serene and romantic experience. There is plenty of space between tables both inside and on the patio, so you don’t feel crowded and can enjoy whatever company you’ve brought with only the rolling green hills to distract you.


Our favourite portion of our experience at Nine18 was by far the appetizer. We highly recommend the salumi board (pictured below). The board is recommended for two people and will set you back about $30. It was extremely fresh and delicious. A generous portion of flavorful, delicious vegetables (asparagus, red peppers, eggplant, and zucchini) are provided in one corner. Next to that is a heap of juicy olives and feta. One spot over on the board are two fresh tomato slices topped with a creamy buffalo mozzarella, and a dollop of sweet pesto. This is served over fresh arugula drizzled with balsamic. On the other edge of the board is a plethora of cured meats – mild salami, fresh prosciutto, and capicola slices. This also comes with a bread and butter basket, featuring crusty Calabrese bread. If you are going to have anything at Nine18, we suggest this with some wine overlooking the golf course as the sun sets. Can you say “magic”?


For mains, Nine18 offers a mostly American-Italian selection. They have a variety of panini available, including classics like the meatball and clubhouse chicken sandwiches, served with fries or salad. Nine18 also has an expansive list of signature burgers ranging from a simple patty with lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, and a pickle, to a California variety with guacamole, and a few vegetarian options as well. There are also a variety of other mains, if you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich. These are the more distinctly Italian-American items, such as chicken, veal, or eggplant parmigiana, or something a bit more classic like New York steak or grilled salmon.

At the recommendation of our server, we decided to try out some of the Italian options, which include a variety of pastas and a special pizza menu. We decided on the Jumbo Cheese Ravioli and the Calabrese Pizza. The ravioli were filled with ricotta and spinach and served in Nine18’s signature tomato sauce. The pasta itself was tasty and the filling was fresh-tasting and flavorful. The tomato sauce was decent – it is not necessarily a traditional Italian sauce, but was very flavorful (if you like garlic and oregano, you’ll probably like this sauce). There were also some distinguishable pieces of chopped onion in the sauce that we didn’t care for (we prefer a smoother sauce), but that may be chalked up to personal preference.


The pizza was quite good as well. The Calabrese pizza had cacciatore sausage, roasted red pepper, Kalamata olives, and lots of mozzarella over a tomato sauce base. The dough was a thicker, Sicilian style canvas with a slightly crispy, yet chewy outer crust. The sauce was similar to the sauce in the pasta, having strong flavors of oregano and garlic. There was a lot of stringy, salty cheese, which is never a problem. The toppings were excellent as well – we really enjoyed the heartiness of the sausage, fresh and smoky flavor of the red pepper, and the saltiness of the olives. Overall, the pizza was quite delicious and filling.


In sum, Nine18 would be a wonderful spot for a romantic date, catching up with friends, or unwinding after a day of golf.











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