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Sarpa Restaurant

Address: 13311 Yonge St

Phone Number:


City: Richmond Hill

Category: Italian

Sarpa restaurant is a traditional Italian joint located in Richmond Hill. They promise “an enjoyable evening in a warm, relaxing environment”. We can confirm Sarpa is true to their word – dark wood tables and a romantically lit dining area are the perfect accents to the delicious, high-quality Italian food they offer. Their service is also amazing and staff are very knowledgeable about the food on their menu and Italian food in general. They truly make you feel at home and welcome in their establishment.


Sarpa offers many delicious “antipasto” or appetizer items, including classics like Caesar salad and a charcuterie board as well as some other selections like octopus carpaccio and imported Italian burrata cheese. The Caesar salad is quite delicious and comes with a generous garnish of shaved grana cheese. The burrata cheese was truly the star of the antipasto course, with a creamy, soft interior and a smooth outer layer. The cheese is served atop a bed of organic baby kale and brussels sprout leaves, providing a subtly sharp contrast to the creaminess of the cheese. Additionally, the walnut garnish adds some crunch and a nutty flavor, and the pomegranate vinaigrette adds sweetness with a subtle tartness as well.


As for main courses, Sarpa offers a variety of pastas and other Italian delights. Non-pasta dishes we enjoyed were the eggplant parm – with creamy melted buffalo mozzarella and a fresh basil and tomato sauce – and the pan roasted lime and chili chicken, served with seasonal vegetables, crushed potatoes, and salsa verde. The flavor of both dishes was excellent. The sauce on the eggplant parm was wonderfully fresh and simple – the true stamp of a good, authentic Italian sauce. The chili chicken was delicious, although not as spicy as one might think from the name.



Sarpa also has many delicious pasta dishes to choose from. We had the penne vodka, Mafalda corta, and terra gnocchi. The penne vodka is everything you’d expect from this classic go-to Italian dish – perfectly cooked penne with a creamy, garlicy rose vodka sauce. The Mafalda corta was a dish made of ribbon-shaped Mafalda pasta in a mushroom-flavored cream sauce, which was just as delicious. However, the most outstanding dish from the entire menu was the terra gnocchi. This is their most popular dish, and we understand why! The gnocchi is incredibly soft and pillowy, it simply melts in your mouth. The roasted garlic cream sauce and truffle essence on this pasta dish was very balanced and flavorful and complimented the addition of red peppers, mushrooms, and green onions beautifully. Even if you don’t live north of the city, this is a pasta dish worth traveling north for. For those of us who do live in proximity to Richmond Hill – lucky us! We feel like we just struck Italian gold in the form of this gnocchi.





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