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Fusion Bites

Address: 6899 14th Ave.

Phone Number:


City: Markham

Category: South Asian


Fusion Bites is located in a quaint, cozy Markham plaza. Inside, the space is somewhat small, with three regular height tables and some bar-style seating. The staff are friendly, happy, knowledgeable, and evidently take pride in their work. True to their name, they not only specialize in delicious, traditional South Asian and Halal dishes, but fusion items like Bihari or butter chicken pizzas. They have dishes for all times of the day and to suit all sorts of cravings.


Consider starting your meal or your day with Baka’s savouries – these muffin-shaped treats are reminiscent of quiche, but are much lighter and have a stronger, cheesier taste. They are made from hand-tossed pastry and come in a variety of flavours including cheese, spinach, jalapeno, and sun-dried tomato. The latter was our favourite, having a slightly sweet and sharp flavor to both compliment and contrast the cheesy flavor of the pastry. These are also a great option for an on-the-go breakfast.


For larger meal options, Fusion Bites has something for just about every taste. Those who are unfamiliar with South Asian cuisine might really enjoy one of their Halal fusion pizzas, which blend Indian/Bihari favourites like butter chicken and an ultra-spicy Bihari ground beef pizza (pictured below). The dough is slightly sweet and thick, with texture similar to Pizza Pizza’s base (of which we are fans, tbh), making it feel like a true indulgence. It does taste more like a fast food pizza though, so anyone who is going in expecting thin, chewy on the inside, crusty on the outside authentic Italian pizza should be open to a different experience. Even if it is not authentic Italian, that’s likely not why you came to Fusion Bites in the first place, and with all this said, you should know the pizzas are still majorly delicious. We especially enjoyed the Butter Chicken Pizza, which had a sweet and creamy sauce with tender, flavorful chicken pieces and the right amount of cheese on top.


If you are seeking a protein-filled dish or one co-starring a starchy food of your choice, Fusion Bites has a lot to offer, including (pictured top to bottom) a fresh, flavorful Bihari beef kebab; a buttery pita dish served with 2 kind of vegetarian curry; a chickpea patty in a thick, savory crepe; spicy, juicy jerk chicken; and an unnamed dish consisting of fries, rice, yogurt sauce, and a flavorful, red sauce as a drizzle. The latter dish was the best in our opinion – the creamy yogurt sauce and the slight spice of the red drizzle is an excellent and delicious topping for the fries, which also pair surprisingly well with the steamed rice. Aside from this dish, most other dishes are served with a side of rice and chopped salad. We weren’t huge fans of the salad as the portions were small and the pieces of lettuce and other veggies were tiny – we might have just preferred some more rice. Otherwise though, we really enjoyed these main dishes.

For dessert, Fusion Bites offers a selection of mini-mousse cups and cheesecake squares made by a local bakery (pictured below). Personally, we would come for the main dishes and not the dessert. These desserts are slightly gummy and not as rich as one might expect or hope for. There are interesting flavors though including raspberry and mango mousse. One sweet item we enjoyed from Fusion Bites was their halva, which they do make in-house. It is delightfully sweet and simple – a great end to a satisfying, comforting meal.






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