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Auberge du Pommier

Address: 4150 Yonge S


Phone Number: (416) 222-2220




City: North York


Category: French


Auberge du Pommier is an ultra-sophisticated French restaurant in North York. This restaurant is busiest in the evenings but still does quite well around lunch time. It is nestled in the midst of tall office buildings and contrasts its surroundings quite significantly, trading in sleek looking glass and metal for rustic wood and brick. Do be warned – Auberge du Pommier does not have its own lot for parking, so you will have to pay to park in the office building’s spaces.


After walking through white and deep seafoam green wooden archways and an stone path lined with greenery, you will walk inside and feel as though you’ve been transported to Europe. There are three dining rooms – one to the left and right and one directly in front of the entrance, which is down a few steps – along with an outdoor patio. The dining rooms on the main floor can be accessed by entering through custard painted doorways and let in lots of beautiful natural sunlight. We dined downstairs, through a white stone doorway. The space below is more dimly lit and gives a bit more of a romantic feel. Tables are placed close together and are dressed with pristine white table cloths. The leather cushion chairs that guests are seated in have different text written on the back, which contribute to the feeling that you’re not in Kansas (aka North York) anymore.


The food and service were both impeccable. To drink, we tried the peaches and cream iced tea, which is an alcohol-free beverage. The flavors of fresh peach and cream were delicious, and the beverage was creamy without being made from a cream base. For appetizers, we ordered the soupe and croquette (pictured below). The former was a chilled pea and yoghurt soup with mint Chantilly, a sourdough crouton and verbena oil drizzled on top. It was a bit of an acquired taste – while the flavors and textures were wonderful and delightfully fresh, we think that we will be sticking to cold soup. The croquette was truly the star of the show as far as appetizers were concerned. This dish had three small but flavorful fried balls of wild boar atop baby gem leaves and garnished with plum preserve, sauce gribiche, pecorino cheese, and balsamic vinegar.


As our mains, we tried the steak and agnolotti (see below). The steak was absolutely delightful. The flat iron steak was cooked perfectly (medium, of course) and was both tender and juicy. The plate also co-starred a delicious potato salad and grainy gherkin mustard, which was a pleasant surprise in such a fancy setting – it tastes just like the perfect potato salad often enjoyed at family barbeques. The espelette broccolini were delicious additions to the plate as well and the sauce au poivre did not distract from the taste of the steak, as many sauces can. The agnolotti were fresh pasta shells stuffed with creamy ricotta cheese in a basil pesto sauce garnished with charred pine nuts, oven-dried tomato, and king oyster mushrooms. The pasta was soft and tasted as though it were made fresh in house.


For dessert, we enjoyed the Foret-Noire – a chocolate cake garnished with poached cherries, chocolate streusel, and raspberry ice cream. It wasn’t overly chocolately, so this is a good option for those who feel like chocolate but don’t want to be overpowered by it. The raspberry ice cream also paired wonderfully with the subtle chocolate flavor. The winner of the dessert round, however, was certainly the parfait, which had a tart but creamy cheesecake base, cold green apple bavarois, poached apples, a crisp brown sugar crouton, and rum raisin ice cream.



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