Picko Lime


Address: 3175 Rutherford Rd.

Phone Number: (905) 660-5564

Website: http://www.pickolime.com/a2ws8e5hjn98iszyy849rc61wbbrth

City: Vaughan

Category: Vietnemese

Picko Lime is a Vietnemese restaurant tucked away in a plaza near Vaughan Mills. The space is small with cool greys and dark browns for a colour scheme. Picko Lime is frequented by families, couples, and hungry individuals. They offer a pretty extensive menu of Vietnemese dishes, including the ever-popular pho (available in chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetarian selections), “bun” (or vermicelli noodle) dishes, “com” (rice) dishes, and dac san (specialty dishes). Picko Lime also has some Japanese favourites on their menu, including teriyaki, katsu, and both spring and shrimp rolls.


As an appetizer, we ordered the Cha Gio, which are deep fried spring rolls (these come in both a minced pork and vegetarian variety). The vegetarian rolls come with beans inside a crispy wrapping of fried vermicelli noodles. This app is super flavorful and comes with a tangy, liquid dipping sauce. We loved the taste of the spring rolls, but they were a bit oily. Other apps on the menu are sriracha honey chicken wings, Sugar Cane Grilled Shrimp, BBQ Pork, and various salads.


For our mains, we tried the Pho Tai – which is broth, rice noodles, and thin, cooked strips of sirloin beef – and Bo Luc Lac – a shaken beef and rice dish.


The Pho was a touch more expensive than some other Pho places we’ve been to, but the bowl size is generous. There is more broth and noodles than anything in this dish; we felt there could have been a bit more beef. With that said, the noodles were cooked superbly and the broth had a nice, subtle taste. The dish is served with the traditional fixings – bean sprouts, lemon grass, mint leaves, and hot sauce as well as the restaurant’s signature hot chili pepper and lime wedge. If you’re looking for other soup dishes than pho, Picko Lime also has an extensive dumpling soup list, including chicken wonton, beef dumpling, and shrimp wonton soup.


The Bo Luc Lac was very flavorful and plated beautifully with a pyramid-shaped helping of steamed rice. The 8oz. cubed sirloin beef was tender, simply flavored with salt and pepper, and tossed with grilled vegetables. The dish went nicely with the sweet and salty sauce provided on the side. The sauce was wonderful poured over plain jasmine scented basmati rice. There were also additional grilled vegetables served with the dish, which left us wondering why all of the veggies weren’t tossed with the beef. With that said though, the portion here was generous and our meal was very filling and tasty.




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