Kuu Sushi

Address: 1020 Centre St.

Phone Number: (905) 886-9999

Website: kuusushi.ca

City: Thornhill

Category: Japanese


Kuu Sushi is a great spot for All You Can Eat sushi in Thornhill. The location has housed several restaurants in the past – once a Kelseys and a Panera – but is now home to the flavors of Japan. Inside, Japanese lanterns and artwork line the walls and tables are made of a luxurious dark wood. Every table and booth is equipped with its very own tablet on which you can place your orders. The nice thing about the iPad is that you can keep track of what you’ve ordered – partially so you don’t overdo it and order too much, and also so you can get excited about what’s on the way while you wait for your food. You can also order a la carte, but people almost always go for the AYCE option. Additionally, Kuu does takeout, for those days when you can’t be bothered to go out and look presentable (we’ve been there).


There is something for just about every palate on the menu. Everything is made to order at this sushi joint, which means you’re getting the absolute freshest goods brought right to your table. The lunch AYCE menu will cost you $17.99 Monday-Thursday (for adults) while the same service at dinner time will cost $28.99. Friday and Saturday, adults are looking at paying $19.99 for lunch or $30.99 for dinner. Sundays and holidays also have their own pricing, with lunch costing $22.99. Also note that on Sundays, you can only visit Kuu for lunch – they aren’t open for dinner. In sum, Kuu charges a bit more than some other local AYCE sushi places, but the quality of their food is great.

Kuu also has a salad and dessert bar featuring a wide selection of soups, salad, and some chilled seafood, and even ice cream (including a soft serve ice cream machine!!!) for after you’ve ordered Japanese delights to your hearts content.


Because there is so much deliciousness on Kuu’s AYCE menu, we are going to share a few of our highlights. In terms of sushi, Kuu has a pretty good selection. If you’re a fan of aburi, they offer torched salmon (pictured below) and shrimp varieties. They are pretty tasty if you enjoy the flavor of grilled salmon and spicy mayo.


Because we couldn’t get enough of the torched salmon flavor, we tried the ultimate dragon roll, which is your typical dragon roll (tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, roe) topped with spicy mayo, torched salmon, and tempura bits. This was super flavorful, mildly spicy, and extremely unique, which makes it a must try!


One of our go-to maki rolls at AYCE is some form of sweet potato tempura roll. Every place does them a little differently. We loved the presentation of Kuu’s vegetarian-friendly rolls – they looked a lot more like the fancy fish-containing rolls we’re used to seeing, rather than being plated in a neat row like a lot of the more simple sushi. The sweet potato was freshly fried, which made the whole roll warm. We didn’t mind, as it became a kind of comfort food that warmed the belly and the soul with its wonderful sweet potato flavor.


If you’re looking for something unique in terms of sushi and want to try something new, consider a sushi pizza! We like to think of these as the Japanese equivalent of an Italian rice ball. The base of the sushi pizza is rice that is breaded and fried and topped with the ingredients of your choosing. We went for the avocado pizza, which had spicy mayo and thinly sliced imitation crab along with a small section of avocado and tempura bits. There were a lot of wonderful flavors at play here. We would recommend this if you’re a big fan of both imitation crab and spicy mayo, which are the two most prominent flavors. The crunchy fried rice adds a nice element of texture as well.


Another noteworthy menu item is the fried cheese wontons, which contain a mixture of warm cream cheese, crab, and roe. These remind us that good things often come in small packages. The filling is so tasty and the wonton wrapper is fried perfectly. It’s one of our favourite items on the menu! In the same “appetizer” family, we also enjoyed the spring rolls (which come out PIPING hot – learn from our mistakes and be patient before eating them… Not gonna say a little burn wasn’t worth it though) and the fried pork dumplings.


The dessert bar includes a variety of ice cream flavors as well as fudgy two-bite brownies, cinnamon coffee cake, palmiers, and mango pudding. Our must try, however, is the soft serve ice cream! Everyone loves a good soft serve cone – it always brings us back to a simpler time. The ice cream itself is a nice way to cool off your insides after all the work you’ve likely put in over the course of your meal and is a great palette cleanser.




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