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Table Seven Bistro – CLOSED

Address: 200 Marycroft Ave. Unit 22

Phone Number: (905) 265-7707


City: Woodbridge

Category: Eclectic

Table Seven Bistro has a rustic-chic concept that places emphasis on fresh, clean ingredients. Not only is their food delicious, but their ingredients are always of the highest quality. Table Seven Bistro boasts sustainably-sourced seafood; ethically raised, local, hormone and antibiotic free meats; and local, seasonal vegetables in all of their culinary creations.

The “cozy and elegant” vibe that the website promises immediately greets you when walking in. The staff is friendly and places a clear emphasis on quality customer service and contributing to the overall customer experience. Dark wood and rich red accents are contrasted by a light grey stone backsplash, making you feel like you’re truly in a fine dining establishment. The restaurant is closed Sundays and Mondays, and the space is somewhat small, so make sure you plan ahead if you’re planning on visiting.


Fresh, high quality meat and seafood is the star of many dishes at Table Seven Bistro. Among their starters are T7 poutine and a delightful salmon board, pictured below. This surf & turf charcuterie board is wonderful for sharing. It comes with thick, crispy slices of white baguette bread, two spreads (green olive tapenade and a sweet lemon-dill spread), a row of tender and flavorful beef carpaccio and salty sweet gravlax. The plate also includes an assortment of fine cheeses, olives, capers, candied pecans, and grilled veggies. There are so many potential combinations of flavors and every ingredient compliments the other beautifully. Some of our favourite toast-toppers were the lemon-dill spread with a generous helping of gravlax and a sprinkling of capers, as well as the tapenade with a slice of beef carpaccio and blue cheese. This board would be perfect paired with some wine for a super romantic date night – bonus points if one of you is a pescatarian and the other a carnivore. There is truly something for every palette in this dish.


We were also treated to a variety of entrees that starred sustainable seafood. Table Seven Bistro has a beautiful dish containing a medley of sustainably-sourced fish in a delicate but flavorful tarragon rose sauce. The garlic herb focaccia that is served with the dish is fresh and perfect for soaking up that beautiful rose sauce. The grilled jumbo shrimp, salmon, and scallops are tender and do a good job of absorbing the flavors presented in the sauce.


Seafood also plays a supporting role in dishes like the Salmon Pappardelle (see below), which can impress even those who aren’t the biggest fans of fish. Perfectly cooked, flaked salmon is nestled in a bed of wide-cut, soft pappardelle pasta and dressed in a light and creamy dill cream sauce.


If you’re not sold on the whole seafood thing, but are still craving some fresh pappardelle, you would also be pleased with the Portobello mushroom pesto pasta, which has marinated Portobello slices in a flavorful pesto sauce. We found the dish a bit heavy on olive oil, but it had a lovely taste. The added texture from the mushrooms and other grilled veggies was splendid as well. Also, you MUST get parmesan cheese on top of this pasta dish. The saltiness provides an added complexity that you’ll thank us for later.


If you’re in the mood for something lighter, or you’re a vegetarian, the pear, goat cheese, and arugula salad is quite lovely. Pears are poached and sliced and have a sweet, vanilla flavor. They act as a wonderful companion to the peppery arugula, fresh and creamy goat cheese, and nutty candied pecans.


A great lunch option is the steak is the 6 oz. strip loin steak sandwich (the mini version is pictured below), that usually comes with a side of fries, potato wedges, or garden or caesar salad. You can also choose your cheese for this sandwich entrée: cheddar, brie, or goat cheese. We were pleased with our selection of goat cheese which paired wonderfully with the grilled veggies in the sandwich. The bread was fresh and chewy and did a stand-up job of housing the filling.


For dessert, we tried the chocolate pot du crème, which was garnished with tart raspberries and refreshing mint. Both of these flavors contrasted the creamy 70% dark chocolate dish well, which had a texture that was a cross between pudding and melted chocolate. A cup of hot coffee pairs marvelously with this chilled chocolate dish. You’ll want to lick the bowl!


Overall, Table Seven Bistro is a wonderful, romantic restaurant that would be wonderful date spot or somewhere cozy to catch up with a friend. Their commitment to using fresh, sustainable, and local ingredients is evident in the quality of their food, and this high degree of quality also extends to the excellent service at this Woodbridge spot.




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